Who fixed this match where an able-bodied man is fighting another man with no arms and legs?

YouTube video

This is one of the most frustrating matches to watch. This is like a guilt trip for the audience. The man with arms and legs will be a loser no matter the outcome of this fight. The handicapped man is like a brave living punching bag. This frustrating match went on for 15 minutes. That is like an eternity if you watched this atrocity.

I am not sure what the able-bodied guy was fearful of. He could have choked that poor guy and finished this match in a minute or so. He just kept evading. He was in the don’t touch me mode throughout the match. This horrible match took place in Auburn, Alabama. What kind of people live there who allowed such a fight to happen?

When you think humanity can not go any lower, humans just find something to amaze you. I would suggest our readers or anybody who has seen this match, please don’t let this happen again.

This is not entertainment. This is not a competition. This is just the inhumane torture of a human being who has already been tortured so much. Even a punching bag on a spring vs. an able-bodied man would have been a much better match-up.


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