MMA Fighter clash with street boys the end will shock you

MMA fighter takes on three aggressors and helps his friend.

In the above video, you can see three aggressors trying to attack one guy who seems like an MMA fighter. One of the aggressors tries to kick the fighter on his leg. To defend himself, the fighter cleanly punches the guy with a loud thud. Two of the three aggressors back off after the punch and started running back.

But a third one is seen near a car and standing over a guy who may be the MMA fighter’s friend. Now he starts moving toward the fighter. It is his turn to get a clean, beautiful punch to the face. After getting punched by the fighter, he also runs away, and the video ends there.

The MMA fighter bravely defended himself from the aggressors. I would suggest to such people, please don’t pick up fights like that. Be humble and stay safe.

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