Wow, after so much trash talk in the lead up to this fight, now this! Cody Garbrandt makes good on his word and releases that infamous video, finally…

The seemingly endless beef between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw will hit the Octagon this weekend at UFC 217. Current bantamweight champion Garbrandt and his predecessor Dillashaw share a long and storied feud.

Previously teammates at the well known Alpha Male gym in Sacramento, CA, the two now share a fierce rivalry. Opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, ‘No Love’ and ‘The Viper’ clashed on multiple occasions.

Accusations from Garbrandt have included steroid use, a cheap shot that ended Chris Holdsworth’s MMA career, and steroid use. Although Dillashaw denies all counts, the comments have sparked a lot of debate.

Then came last night, the UFC 217 pre-fight press conference. Garbrandt shocked the MMA world with a slip up during a verbal exchange with Dillashaw. Read on below…

Cody Garbrandt will attempt to take out his biggest rival at UFC 217…

“You Showed us How to do Steroids…”

During the presser, as per, the champ basically threw his entire team in at the deep end. Here’s what ‘No Love’ said, somewhat foolishly:

“You showed everyone how to do (steroids) at Team Alpha Male,” Ed note: DERP!

“Yeah, I’m on everything,” Dillashaw said sarcastically. “They test me every day, so I’m on everything.”

“I don’t understand the animosity coming from him,” Dillashaw added. “it’s a little bit ridiculous. Do I need to hold his hand and tuck him in at night? … I’m not your daddy. Urijah [Faber] is your daddy. He’ll be there to hold your hand.”

“You can do all the conditioning in the world with your new coach,” Garbrandt said. “You can’t condition that f*cking chin of yours.”

The Video…

Perhaps sensing he needed to draw attention away from his silly comments, Garbrandt went in a different direction on social media. Following the controversial steroid statement, ‘No Love’ went back to an old subject.

Perhaps forgotten given the stream of trash talk lately, the video of Garbrandt allegedly knocking out Dillashaw at Team Alpha Male. Until now, nobody has seen the footage. As per Garbrabndt’s facebook, here it is:

This guy is a liar he said I never KOed him, that there is no video! Also that he has never took PEDs and he never cheap shotted a former teammate stealing his dream from under him! Fuck you Tj Dillashaw hey Dana White get that Knockout Bonus Check, I’m ready to collect it! #ISpeakFacts

Dillashaw responded, claiming it was just a knockdown, and that he got up and continued to fight after:

“Yeah, tell him to keep playing the video. I get up and start going again. There was no KO like he’s been stating.”

With all the drama surrounding Dillashaw and Garbrandt’s spat, it’s easy to forget UFC 217 is literally stacked to the gills. Does anyone actually care about GSP vs. Bisping for the middleweight title?

Keep with us as we bring you all the juicy fight footage and beef from this weekend’s crazy event!

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