The UFC is a sports organization based in Las Vegas, USA, and is active in mixed martial arts fights around the world. Many of the athletes involved in this sport are interested in gambling. This is due to heavy loads. Everyone can become a gambler who constantly or occasionally makes bets. On the site you can find the most decent and profitable online casinos.

The most famous UFC gambling fighters

Online casinos help UFC fighters relax and escape from the heavy workout routine. Combining such entertainment is very effective. After a hard workout, it will be interesting and fun to play casino bets. This activity does not require spending your own physical strength. Fighters play more often in an online format. Sometimes they visit gambling establishments. This makes UFC fighters relax and have fun. Among many athletes, there are several of the most popular who are interested in betting in slot machines.

List of UFC fighters who love to play in casinos:

  • Ben Henderson;
  • Frankie Edgar;
  • Demetrius Johnson;
  • Kane Velasquez;
  • Nick Diaz.

These UFC fighters have not only gained merit in fights but also made big strides in the gambling field. Each of them is especially tempted to gamble in a casino. All of them have a lot of lost and won money in their personal experience. They do not spare money on the casino, as they get tremendous pleasure from the process. And this is what unites them all. Let’s consider each person separately and understand the individual situation of each.

Ben Henderson

The former UFC lightweight champion has phenomenal cardio. The American played 7 five-round players in his career, winning 6 of them by decision. He did not exhaust himself, keeping top dynamics. Its negative feature in the casino game is the same unbridled will to win. He is as confident as possible in himself and his position in life. But sometimes excessive self-confidence lets down the fighter, at least in the gambling sphere. In his main activity, he is considered one of the best.

Frankie Edgar

Frankie does not have particularly outstanding records either in sports or in gambling. But his merit – he always desperately goes to victory. He has his strengths in battles, which is why he is so famous all over the world. He also has an interesting approach to betting. He never lost colossal amounts of money. Perhaps this is due to the endurance that he possesses in life and sports. Such a characteristic allows him to stop in time during the game, without having to lose a large personal capital.

Demetrius Johnson

This is who is really great. Demetrius’s power never fades. Endurance and the highest intellect – these are the components of the Mighty Mouse’s greatness. His secret of success is in genes, constant training, and psychology. Without psychology, nowhere. If you can’t handle the pressure, if fear takes over your head, you will start to run out of steam and give up. The body spends all its energy on extinguishing fear, and there is nothing left for the fight. You can not do it this way. Everything comes from the head, you need to work with it, this is important. Demetrius also refers to the rates. He thinks through every step.

Kane Velasquez

Former heavyweight champion Kane Velasquez is arguably the most diverse fighter in history. Nobody exploded so often after wildly energy-consuming clinches. An amazing ability to find new strength for the next reception. Amazing clinch exits. Nobody can rebuild in the course of the battle and add in movement. Maybe the merit of this is the constant betting in gambling. Distracted from training, he emotionally rests and recharges with new strength for the next fight. Emotional relief is very important for athletes.

Nick Diaz

The Mexican has thrown the most punches in a fight in the UFC in his career. Diaz put tremendous pressure on the opponent, moving more than him, delivering a bunch of punches, while happily moving to the ground. Nick Diaz is the most energetic fighter in the UFC during his best years in the promotion. At the same time, the Mexican approached the end of the battle relatively fresh, keeping his strength. He has his own strategy and approach in absolutely everything. He is as decisive in his bets as he is on the battlefield. There is no limit to his strength and determination. He has seen several big casino wins, thanks to his willpower.


UFC fighters are considered to be very confident online casino players. They are determined and unshakable. Their confidence is enviable. But on an equal footing with them, everyone can experience the will to win at an online casino. After finding a decent gambling site, you need to start registering and betting. Also, like UFC fighters, you need to be confident and not give up on the last. This will lead to success.

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