Gervonta Davis has the potential to be a superstar. But he’s in the process of ruining his own name. With a record of 23-0, Davis is a two-weight champion and one of the most exciting young stars in boxing today. But he’s also becoming known as a woman-beater.

A few weeks ago video footage emerged that showed Davis grabbing Andretta Smothers by the throat at a celebrity basketball game in Coral Gaps, Florida. Smothers is also the mother of his child. Needless to say, the footage went viral and Davis received a lot of justifiable abuse. In short, you can’t attack women.

But now even more damning video has been revealed. TMZ has released surveillance footage of Davis striking Smothers and starting a fight after he left the arena. It really isn’t a good look for the young boxer. He may want to follow in Floyd Mayweather’s footsteps but going to jail for domestic violence isn’t smart.


The original footage showed Davis putting his hands around Smothers’ neck. This is even worse because it shows him drawing back his fist and aiming it at her. We can’t see if the punch lands properly but it’s definitely a cowardly move by a boxing champion. Then she comes charging back at him. You’ve got to credit her because that’s one tough woman

Eventually, the pair are separated but it’s still not over. Davis sees a man filming and attacks him. In the end, everybody is separated. However, police arrested Davis three days later for his role in the incident. It definitely isn’t doing anything good for his reputation. See the original footage below.


Davis later tried to defend himself on Instagram. He confirmed that he was aggressive but denied hurting her. Somehow he didn’t realize that grabbing a woman by the throat in front of the watching world might be a traumatic experience. As many have said, who knows what happens behind closed doors?

“I never once hit her, yea I was aggressive and told her come on… that’s the mother of my child I would never hurt her other than that happy New Years.. January was trash.”

‘Tank’ obviously knows a lot about trash. We suggest putting him in a ring with Derrick Lewis and no cameras. That might teach him a lesson or two about how to behave towards women. It also shows that he’s a liar because he went in hard.

Next Fight?

If Davis decides to stop hitting women and instead takes on another boxer then stardom is out there. But boxing politics have prevented him from getting a decent opponent. Vitaly Lomachenko will fight Teofimo Lopez so neither of those two fighters are available.

However, a date with the King is possible. Ryan Garcia is another of America’s brightest boxing prospects. At 21-0 he possesses frightening power but hasn’t won a title yet. Could he beat Davis or is it way too early for these two to meet? Few people would begrudge him the chance to Davis in his place. We can dream.

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