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In an Extraordinary Moment of Generosity, British Boxer Tyson Fury Gave a Homeless Man His Shoes and Walked Down Hollywood Boulevard Barefoot…

Over the last six months, Tyson Fury has slowly built himself up a cult fanbase. ‘The Gypsy King’ managed to shed over 100 lbs (8 stone) to get himself back into fighting shape for his upcoming duel against Deontay Wilder, which will go down this weekend in LA.

The pair has already faced off in a moment which got very intense. Wilder sounded rattled as he roared at his British opponent, repeating that he’s going to knock him out. Meanwhile, Fury mocked ‘The Bronze Bomber’ as he ducked and weaved.

It turns out that Fury is even more of a legend than we thought. His trainer Ben Davison revealed the story to iFL TV, and now Fury has reluctantly confirmed that he gave his shoes to a homeless man with a bleeding foot and then continued walking barefoot down the street.


Fury is a man who came close to taking his own life. As such, he definitely has gained a sense of perspective about what matters in this world. He’s already pledged to donate his earnings from the Wilder fight – about $10 million – to building shelters for homeless in Britain. When asked about the shoe incident, he replied:

“No I’m not here to blow my own trumpet. I think Ben [Davison] told you already last night. What happened was, we were in Starbucks having a coffee minding our own business just looking out the window and there was this old fella outside no shoes on him – one shoe off, one foot bleeding.

“Everyone was looking at him like ‘get rid of him,’ he walked off and I thought that’s somebody’s child, that’s a human being. As he walked off through the crowd I heard somebody say to me, ‘give him your shoes, go and give him them shoes on your feet,’ I was like ‘yeah’.”

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‘The Gypsy King’ revealed his cousin Hughie’s confusion after he turned and ran back down the street after the unfortunate gentleman. Tyson explained:

“I ran after him, me and Hughie Fury and he’s gone, ‘where you going,’ I said ‘I’m giving this man me shoes. ‘He said, ‘what you doing, idiot, you’ve got no shoes on down Hollywood Boulevard you’ll get something in your feet.’ I said ‘there’s a fella that needs them more than I do’.”

Tyson Fury. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


The fight between Wilder and Fury is without a doubt the biggest boxing match of the year (not just because they’re both literally massive). After the muted fan reception for Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez II, this is a match-up that is getting fans passionately excited.

It will be fascinating to see whether or not the unbeaten Wilder will be able to catch Fury and knock him out. The WBC champion has knocked out 39 of his 40 previous opponents. Meanwhile, Fury is the former unified IBF, WBA, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine heavyweight champion. He moves like a much lighter man and is also unbeaten in 27 fights, including that famous win over Wladimir Klitschko.

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