Tyson Fury is Not Afraid of Francis Ngannou

By Darren
Tyson Fury is Not Afraid of Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury is one of the most polarising figures in boxing. Intensely charismatic, he’s the closest thing the boxing world has to an Ali-like figure. With his incredible movement and footspeed, Fury is not your typical heavyweight boxer. He might not knock all of his opponents out, but he makes life a nightmare for them.

If Deontay Wilder beats the dangerous Luis Ortiz in a rematch, then Fury should fight him again next year. ‘The Gypsy King’ is now the mandatory challenger for the WBC title, after Dillian Whyte was removed from contention. So if that doesn’t make it happen, then we don’t know what will.

However, Fury keeps talking about fighting MMA. He insists that he’s going to train with Conor McGregor and believes that he could be a problem for the UFC’s top heavyweights. No seriously. He thinks so.

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Ready to Go

Fury is adamant that he’s interested in fighting in MMA. With any other boxer we would roll our eyes, but ‘The Gypsy King’ is a wild man. Who knows what he really wants to do? In short, he says that Conor McGregor is set to train him and that he also has UFC legend Frank Mir on his side now as well.

“I spoke to Conor and we’re ready to rock and roll,” Fury told iFL TV. “I also had a message from Frank Mir, former heavyweight champion of UFC, and he said he’d be interested in working with me as well. So, yeah, I reckon we can do something. Big time. Dana, call me!”

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Bad Move

However, Dana White doesn’t think it makes sense for the Englishman. Unless Fury really pushes for this, it’s difficult to imagine it actually happening. Who would he fight? Sure he could outbox Francis Ngannou but one leg kick from the Cameroonian would be the end. As for a wrestler like Curtis Blaydes or Daniel Cormier, there’s no point even looking at that.

“Tyson Fury has worked hard his whole life to become one of the top-four fighters in the world in boxing,” White said. “He’s making good money and everything is going great for him. Why would you even want to come over here and attempt this? I don’t think it ends well for him.

“I’m getting into boxing now. Five years ago I’d have said ‘yeah, Tyson Fury, come on over here and let’s do this.’ But it doesn’t make sense for him, for his career in any other way.”

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Fury is very positive though and is optimistic about his chances. He called out Stipe Miocic and Ngannou. Maybe that ridiculous knockdown by Wilder last year did change him. Miocic is superb at executing a gameplan. That fight would be an unpleasant, grinding nightmare for Fury. As for Ngannou, a single leg kick. That’s all it would take.

“I’m trying to get that big fight going on with whoever,” he told iFL TV. “Listen, I’m not afraid of any of them. Who’s the heavyweight champion of the world in UFC? Stipe Miocic is it?

“He just beat Daniel Cormier in the rematch, good body shots, bam, bam, got him out of there. I’d fight him in a heartbeat, no problem. Or Francis Ngannou. Any of the heavyweight champions they’ve got. I ain’t afraid of any of them. I’m the Gypsy King. Listen, I’m a boxer, but I am one bad ass mofo.”