UFC 100

The next helping of brutal MMA madness comes in the form of Dustin Rynberg Vs Travis Bileth, once again from the ACS Live Youtube channel, and it looks like a carbon copy of one of the most memorable mixed martial arts knockouts of all time.

Check it out:

YouTube video

As if the first crushing right hand wasn’t enough, that flying elbow smash will finish anyone, no matter how good your chin is! If you showed this video to anyone other than a fight fan, they may think you were some sort of deranged lunatic or masochist.

It’s fun being a mixed martial arts fan! Knockouts and crazy finishes like these are what keep the sport an enjoyable hobby to follow. Take away all the big smoke and lights of promotions like the UFC, and understand that they are fed by smaller promotions like these!

See you next time!


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