It’s less than one week now until UFC 202 and the tension is building. The hype behind Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz is strong, especially after their crazy rivalry before UFC 196. One particular video showed McGregor mocking Diaz over his salary.

The Irish star mocked Diaz and called him all sorts of insults. The Stockton brawler would make McGregor pay for all his trash talk on March 5. When they finally met in the octagon, the fight was more thrilling than we’d first imagined.


Back and forth they went for one and a half rounds, both dishing out some heavy blows. Even though McGregor had a full camp, he looked exhausted by the second round. Diaz picked up the ball and rolled with it at this point.

A clean combination of punches to the chin of McGregor forced the takedown. Diaz is the far superior ground technician and it took less than 30 seconds for him to finish the fight. It was the rear naked choke that forced the tap.

Nate Diaz's hand raised in victory at UFC 196...
Nate Diaz’s hand raised in victory at UFC 196…

Suddenly it was McGregor who was subject to tons of ridicule. Diaz’s insults about ‘The Notorious’ playing ‘touch butt in the park’ went viral in the form of countless memes and videos.

Now it’s time for the rematch, and Conor McGregor may ave just invented his net meme…

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