WATCH: Cris Cyborg Wins Bellator Title by KO

By Darren
WATCH: Cris Cyborg Wins Bellator Title by KO

Amanda Nunes might be the best female fighter in the world. In fact, some would say she’s the greatest of all-time. But you probably shouldn’t say that if Cris Cyborg is in the room. The Brazilian just added the Bellator featherweight title to her long list of accolades.

After departing from the UFC in acrimonious circumstances, Cyborg made her long-awaited Bellator debut in Inglewood, California. She fought the defending champion Julia Budd who must have been her first proper 145lb opponent for a good three years. For a long time, Cyborg was the most feared female fighter on the planet. This was because of her physicality and brutality in the cage. After Dana White decided he didn’t want her anymore, Bellator was quick to swoop.

Long story short, Cyborg won by 4th round KO. She’s the only fighter in history to win the Strikeforce, Invicta, UFC and Bellator featherweight titles. In sum, she’s an absolute powerhouse. It’s just a shame that we won’t get to see her fight Nunes again because that’s the fight to make. But she’s definitely in a happier place now.


Cyborg took a while to get going but when she did it was brutal. The first two rounds were competitive with both women having their moments, however, the former UFC champion did enough to take them both. Then in round three, she came close to stopping the fight. She put savage ground-and-pound on the Canadian. In short, the referee came this close to stopping it.

However, Cyborg suddenly unleashed her full power. Then she backed Budd up against the cage before dropping her with a body kick. Mike Beltran intervened to save Budd from taking further punishment. Cyborg became the new champion. To sum up, it must be nice to have people in her division now.


This was a very competitive night of action for Bellator. Former bantamweight champion Darrion Caldwell got back to winning ways. He won by a submission win over the highly-rated Adam Borics. Meanwhile, UFC veteran Sergio Pettis also won on his Bellator debut.

Legendary kickboxer Raymond Daniels got a 1st round TKO victory after a ridiculously one-sided fight. He was like a video game character because his attacks were so crazy. Finally, Aaron Pico also got a crucial win with a KO victory. Bellator can definitely be happy with their night’s work because there were a lot of finishes.


After her victory Cyborg explained how she felt about her time in the UFC. In short, she didn’t hold back and even compared herself to a slave. In her eyes, Scott Coker is a big improvement over Dana White. To sum up, he won’t be getting Christmas cards anytime soon. She said:

“When I lost that title, I got out of the cage, I was not feeling sad. I’m speaking real. I feel like something got off my back. I walk over there I did an interview, I know all the walls have the writings, I remembered every single part, I did the interview.

And I was not sad. I feel like everything happens for a reason. If I not lost that belt that day, I was not here now champion in Bellator. Here I’m happy. There I was not happy. I was working, I feel I was a slave, and I was not happy. Here I’m happy, something I choose to be.”