Frustrations starting to show? Perhaps after such a lengthy hype period, Mayweather is getting tired of hearing McGregor’s fans speak…

It’s been a long road leading us to this weekend. As August 26 arrives, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will stop talking, and start boxing. Unreal as it may seem, the bout has dominated headlines for months now.

During an overall quiet patch for combat sports, Mayweather and McGregor have soaked up masses of attention. Until Jon Jones’ failed drug test was announced, there was literally nothing but MayMac stories.

Even this week, as recently as yesterday, McGregor and Mayweather have put on two large media events.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have proved themselves as the ultimate showmen…

Mayweather Goes in on Conor McGregor Fan

During a relatively subdued final press conference, Mayweather and McGregor gave some predictions for fight night. On the whole, they were courteous to each other, but one fan took a bit of a licking from Mayweather.

Getting under the boxing great’s skin, this ‘Notorious’ fan got told by Floyd and his infamous ‘juice head’ bodyguards at the end of the presser:

YouTube video

Heated confrontations have really been the story of the week. Conor McGregor’s new found rival Paulie Malignaggi stormed McGregor’s media arrival this week, blasting the Irishman in the process:

“Bring your balls Saturday pussy! Remember what I said at the gym. We got f*cking security acting like I’m a fan or something. He said I talked out of my contract. All that came out after those pictures.”

YouTube video

“I was trying to get (his manager’s attention), he was trying to talk about that I talked out of my contract. It started out with that picture with him holding his hands behind his back. How you gonna have an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and then post all those pictures.”

“I told him in the gym, he has no balls. Every time it gets into deep water he shows he has no balls. How are you going to take the fight to the ground against a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu like Nate Diaz?”

“You stand up and you take your punishment. You may not land that big shot, but you take that punishment. He has no balls. He’s going to fold again on Saturday. Here’s what you have to keep in mind, they got all these different cameras, I’m asking (the UFC) don’t change the angles. Just one camera angle, release the whole 12 rounds.”

“When you start seeing camera angle switches you’ll know you are being messed with. He has no balls, he knows what I’m talking about. We had a proper conversation, we talked during sparring. He forgets his balls for these big fights.”

“These guys started it with these pictures they posted first. The media comes rushing to me, what can I do? Nobody talked about the sparring before they released the pictures on social media. I wanna make sure he doesn’t forget his balls, leave them in Ireland this week.”

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