What Happens When You Have a Combat Sports Event in Poland? The Answer is Absolute Chaos… Watch as Robert Talerak and Patryk Szymanski Served up a War for the Ages With 10 Insane Knockdowns… 

Polish combat sports are gaining a reputation for delivering pure action and madness. KSW is one of the biggest MMA promotions in Europe, with only a few events each year. They’re happy to put on a freak show fight too, as they’re one of the few promotions in the world with a super-heavyweight division.

However, it’s not just the MMA that’s incredibly entertaining. The boxing game is also serving up up some carnage and madness as we found out at the weekend. While combat sports fans were enjoying the barely legal spectacle of Artem Lobov and Jason Knight slicing chunks out of each other’s faces, there was another fight on with massive action.

Robert Talerak and Patryk Szymanski might not be household names but they are both absolute warriors. Watch the scrap below between these two men who managed to put ten knockdowns into just five rounds.



Talarak came into this fight as an established veteran. The Polish fighter is 24-13, while Szymanski is 19-2. It was clear from the beginning that neither man wanted to leave this one in the hands of the judges as they both came out hard, baying for blood.

Heavy hands were thrown by both warriors with the first two knockdowns coming for Szymanski who could not have asked for a better start. Seemingly coasting to victory, he could not have expected the challenge that would come from his opponent on the night.

Screenshot: Youtube.

Return Fire

Despite being battered in the first round, Talarak showed immense grit to wade back into the action and knock down Szymanski with a powerful punch. The fight was on. The younger fighter came back and dropped Telarak twice more, putting him up by four knockdowns to one. In just two rounds.

Then Talarak came back again with a wave of knockdowns, putting Szymanski down twice in rounds 3 and 4, before dropping him again in the fifth and final round. He would win on the night by TKO after a simply ludicrous night of action. This is just not the sort of fight you see at the highest level, but it’s still epically entertaining.

Screenshot: Youtube.


Indeed, this fight was so intense that Szymanski actually retired after it. The young fighter is only 25 years old, and this was just the second loss of his career. However, combat sports are unforgiving and with the amount of damage he took on the night, it’s definitely forgivable to step away from what was definitely a hidden gem of a classic battle.

Meanwhile, it’s onwards and upwards for Talarak. We’ll have to wait and see what he can achieve and see if he is capable of fighting at a higher level one day in the future.

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