WATCH: MMA Fighter Suffers Horror Anderson Silva Leg Break (GRAPHIC)

By Dazzler

Anderson Silva… Eat Your Heart Out… This is One of the Nastiest MMA Injuries We’ve Ever Seen… An Amateur Fighter Broke His Leg Off His Opponent’s Knee in Louisiana… We’re Not Kidding: THis One is BAD… 

MMA is obviously a dangerous sport. There are so many ways that you can get hurt, with fighters actively seeking to inflict pain on each other in a variety of different ways. Punches, kicks, getting choked out, stretching limbs to the point of breaking… the possibilities are endless, which is why we love this sport.

However, despite this, it’s rare that serious injuries occur, that result in fighters being absent for long spells. Sure, you’ll leave with cuts and bruises and you might get concussed. But there’s statistically more chance of a serious injury in soccer than in MMA.

Tell that to this poor dude who shattered his leg at an amateur Louisiana event the other day. Jonathan King tried to kick his opponent. However, he ended up gruesomely bouncing it off his opponent’s knee and it did not end well.


Jonathan King was fighting on the undercard of Rite of Passage 6, an event held by the American Kombat Alliance, on January 5th. He was fighting a dude called Chris Williams, who the commentators note has a lot of ‘power.’ The fight starts with reasonable action. They both throw some punches, with Williams coming forward. As they separate from a clinch, King throws a knee and appears to grow in confidence.

Boom. He throws a low king and immediately falls to the crowd. His leg is bent in half like a right angle triangle. Immediately the referee spots it and waves off the fight, with Williams wheeling away in victory. King appears to be very calm at first. It probably took him a few seconds to realize what had happened before the shock set in. The doctor comes in and it’s all very gnarly.


Thankfully the fighter seems to be in recovery. An update was posted on Facebook by the American Kombat Alliance. They revealed that King is set to go home and that his leg will fully heal. The post reads:

“Jonathan King just got out of recovery this morning. The doctor said surgery to set the leg went really well. Physical therapy starts tomorrow morning and he should be cleared to travel home this week.”

At least it’s a clean break. While it definitely won’t have been fun to have it happen to him, it should still heal pretty neatly, unlike other types of leg injuries.

The Silva Effect

Of course, you can’t talk about a horrible leg break and not mention Anderson Silva. The Brazilian former UFC middleweight champion infamously shattered his leg off Chris Weidman back at UFC 168. It was Weidman’s first title defence after shocking the world by knocking Silva out the previous summer. This was supposed to be Silva’s big return.

The rest is history. No wonder Buakaw bashes his shins off banana trees so much. Condition those shins people.