WATCH: Muay Thai Fighter Ends Taekwondo Blackbelt by Headkick KO

By Darren
WATCH: Muay Thai Fighter Ends Taekwondo Blackbelt by Headkick KO

China loves a good style v style battle. The Middle Kingdom is a legendary bastion of martial arts and especially respects traditional styles. It’s only recently that MMA has begun to take off thanks to the UFC and ONE Championship’s efforts in the world’s most populated country.

Just because somebody wears a black belt or says that they’re a Kung Fu master doesn’t mean anything until they put it into action. Today we’re going to look at some phenomenal footage from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. The video is from 2009, but only just released by the quality channel Fight Commentary Breakdowns.

This is the same guy who has been keeping track of the MMA v fake Kung Fu master battles. Anyway, in this video, a Muay Thai fighter annihilates a Taekwondo black belt. The guy was so out of his depth it’s not even right. It’s an absolutely brutal finish. Check out this magnificent clip below.


As you can see from the clip above this fight lasts just seven seconds. We learn that the Taekwondo black belt’s name is Huang Xiaolong. According to the narrator he also trained in boxing and karate as well. We’re assuming that just means he’s played the UFC videogame because the man is not in shape at all. We’re not judging though.

It quickly becomes clear that he’s about as far out of his depth as you would be if you tried to flirt with Paige VanZant. Xiaolong is wearing a World Taekwondo Federation uniform (WTF) or dobok. This should be a warning sign because this is the Olympic style of Taekwondo. Unlike the more traditional ITF style, WTF doesn’t allow punches to the head in competition. Against a Muay Thai fighter, this is just stupid.

Mandatory Credit: Youtube


We don’t get the Muay Thai fighter’s name but apparently he trains at a local gym. Huang moves around out of his way before trying to come in with some sort of scissor kick. We’re definitely making it sound cooler than it was because he basically flails like a fish.

But then the Muay Thai fighter catches him on the neck with a savage roundhouse. Huang drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes and that’s all she wrote. He is out for longer than the actual fight. His dreams of winning the bout literally came crashing down to earth in brutal style. It’s a harsh lesson for the chubby Chinese Taekwondo practitioner.

Mandatory Credit: Youtube


Huang was incredibly concussed. The referee tried to help him to his feet but the stricken victim wasn’t able to respond. It’s hilarious footage but if you’re a fighter watching this then you can learn two lessons. First of all, get yourself into shape or you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage straight away. We’ve seen that at the highest level with Andy Ruiz.

Then make sure you’re prepared for the style in front of you. A WTF Taekwondo fighter won’t beat a Muay Thai stylist in a small space. They’ll get walked down and smashed to bits. You can apply this to any martial art. Don’t be stupid or you’ll end up all over the internet like Huang.