WATCH: Nick Diaz And Snoop Dogg Blaze It Up And Talk Nonsense

Too much hanging around with Snoop?

Nick Diaz got busted and nearly suspended by the NSAC for five years for getting caught with marijuana in his system. And even though that suspension is nearly through and his return to Octagon is within reach. It didn’t stop Diaz from blazing it up with rapper Snoop Dogg on his Youtube show.

On the latest episode of GGN (Double G News Network), Nick and Snoop talk a lot of gibberish. Most of it is incoherent stuff, which are not tied together and don’t make any sense. But it’s pretty entertaining and funny.

Both Nick and Snoop are known cannabis advocates, and are firm believers of the controversial plant’s medicinal properties. Nick himself is a marijuana patient, which allows him to use the herb on occasion.


With Suspension Is Finally Served, Nick Diaz To Return To Octagon Soon

Snoop pointed out on the show that athletes in other sports who got busted for weed only served very minimal punishments. Nick however, was slapped with what was initially a five-year suspension. It is the second longest suspension behind Wanderlei Silva’s 2014 lifetime ban.

After a #FreeNickDiaz campaign was launched by fans on social media pointing out the harshness of the sentence, Nick’s sentence was greatly reduced. And now that he has served his suspension, Nick is free to return to competition.

The video itself is a good three minutes of both Nick and Snoop talking about different topics. Both have a slight slur to their voices which would suggest that they had been puffing the ganja, but of course, there is no way to confirm this without a toxicity test.

Nonetheless, it’s all in good fun as Nick is currently looking for an opponent for his much-awaited comeback. UFC broadcast analyst Joe Rogan, who is also a cannabis advocate, said that Nick is looking for a big fight – possibly a title shot.

Nick Diaz And Snoop Dogg Have A Little Fun On Youtube

It was rumored that the UFC had offered Nick a fight against former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. But that he declined. Fans believe Nick is looking to land a bout against either welterweight titleholder Tyron Woodley. Former pound-for-pound king Georges St-Pierre. Or UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

Nick was last seen inside the Octagon in January of 2015 against Anderson Silva. Nick lost the fight by unanimous decision, but the result was later overturned by the NSAC after both fighters tested positive for banned substances.