WATCH: Pearl Gonzalez Breaks Opponents Arm in BJJ Battle

By Darren
WATCH: Pearl Gonzalez Breaks Opponents Arm in BJJ Battle

Michael Bisping said that it’s always best to lose by submission because it’s less painful. It turns out that that isn’t always true. Especially if your opponent is former UFC fighter and current Invicta challenger Pearl Gonzalez. She literally snapped her opponent’s arm in a Combat Jiu-Jitsu match.

For those not sure what CJJ entails, it’s effectively standard Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu until the match hits the ground. Then you’re allowed to deal open hand slaps to them. It was created by 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo. In short, Bravo thought that BJJ by itself is too boring to be a spectator sport.

So he thought adding slaps would make it seem more like a real-life fight and change the dimension of the contest. We think he’s definitely on to something. Of course, with elite grapplers, you’re going to have elite demonstrations of BJJ skills too. Check out this savage finish below.


This brutal finish went down at CJJ Worlds III. Gonzalez took on Lilian Borja in a grappling fest that didn’t end the way the latter would have wanted. If you’re getting choked out, the worst that happens is you go to sleep. But when you’re dealing with locks, it’s a different story. You’ve got to know when to tap out.

However, Borja clearly overestimated her flexibility. Gonzalez got her in a triangle choke but couldn’t force the tap. So she transitioned to the arm and locked it in tight. Borja let her keep going until suddenly the arm just broke. Unfortunately, humans just are not meant to bend that way and Bjorjz found out the hard way.


As soon as Gonzalez heard the click she released the arm. She actually looked horrified by what happened as Borja’s arm hung limply by her side. It was a brutal end to the contest and not what anybody watching expected to see. The referee and commentators did well to catch it right away and the match was stopped very quickly.

The commentators compared the incident to Tim Sylvia’s arm break against Frank Mir. In that fight, Mir became the heavyweight champion. However, Sylvia tried to tough it out before the referee intervened. But you’ve got to respect his heart for trying, even if you don’t like him that much.

True Fighter

A respected UFC and Invicta veteran, Gonzalez is not an easy fight for anybody. While she went 0-2 in her UFC run, many believe that she simply joined the company too early. On her current Invicta run, she has a record of 4-1. However, her single defeat came in a title fight and ended by disqualification after an eye poke. Right now she looks a different fight.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez has a massive Instagram following. She’s well-known for her exotic weigh-in outfits. Let’s just say that she goes all in when she stands on the scale. With her sensational looks and mad fighting skills, you can expect to see her sometime in the near future in an octagon near you. Gonzalez is very marketable and a tough customer in the cage.