WATCH: Showboating Boxer Gets Wiped Out by 1-Punch KO

By Dazzler

If You’re Going to be Act Cocky You Really Have to Back it up… Watch as French Boxer Sabri Sederi Learnt the Hard Way that if You Showboat and Lose, You Look Like an Idiot… 

What’s the first thing a grizzled boxing coach will tell you? That’s right: keep your hands up. It’s the golden rule in the sweet science. Obviously, you want to knock out your opponent, but there’s no point swinging if you’re just going to open yourself up and get clean KOed in the process.

Somebody should have told France’s Sabri Sederi that, because he decided to put on a showboating performance in the final round of his fight against Sam Maxwell in Leicester, England. Let’s just say that it didn’t end well for Sederi who ended up sprawled on the canvas with just under 15 seconds left in the fight.

Watch this hilariously cringe-worthy moment unfold below.

Soul Destroying

Sederi was fighting Maxwell in a junior welterweight bout on BT Sports. He had put on a decent performance and clearly felt that he had done enough to build up an unassailable lead. Sederi had managed to achieve two knockdowns in the first two rounds and looked like he was coasting to victory. Boy, was he wrong?

For reasons that he will regret for the rest of his Youtube watching life, he decided that the best thing to do in the tenth and final round was to drop his hands with just 20 seconds left of the fight to go. Bad move. He taunted the stricken and dazed Maxwell, who plodded after him until suddenly, BANG.


It was a clean KO with Sederi smashed to the floor and unable to regain consciousness quick enough to beat the count. The referee waved off the fight and a visibly battered Maxwell wheeled away to celebrate emotionally in front of the English crowd.

To rub salt into the wound for Sederi, Maxwell was bizarrely up on two of judge’s scorecards. You can see the amount of swelling on his face by the end of the fight, and he was knocked down twice. It’s frankly crazy and just goes to show how dumb boxing’s judging can be sometimes. Anyway, he got the KO and that’s all that will be remembered.

Even worse, Sederi was unbeaten before this violent end to his night in the East Midlands of the UK. He won’t have fond memories of his trip to Leicester…

Screenshot: Youtube.


Fans had mixed reactions to this carnage on Twitter. Some found it absolutely hilarious and believed that it served him right for being so disrespectful. Others were a bit more kind to Sederi, saying that as a young and relatively inexperienced fighter, his corner should have been harsher with him when he was showboating.

@terenceflood: “What was he thinking? All he had to do was see out the round.”

@wiise13: “Got what he deserved.”

@coojofresh: “He didn’t lose cause he got cocky. He got caught with a perfectly timed right on one of his bad rush in punch thing he was doing. That caught up with him, not the taunting. I mean he wasn’t like that guy who was breakdancing and got kicked in the face.”

@NeilLeach8: “Most journeymen are humble this fella new he was winning his corner should Of helped him out.”