George Foreman’s reputation as one of the most feared fighters of multiple generations precedes him. When Foreman fought five guys in one night, none of them made it to the final bell…

During a career that spanned 30 years, George Foreman proved to be one of the scariest men in boxing history. Amassing a record of 76 wins with only five losses, ‘Big George’ knocked out 68 of his opponents.

Among his legendary hit list were Joe Frazier, Jerry Cooney, Michael Moorer and Ken Norton. Fearsome as he was, there was a period in Foreman’s mid-career where he very nearly came unstuck.

Having lost for the first time in his pro career against Muhammad Ali, Foreman was a broken man. He’d later admit he considered retirement before eventually making his way back to the ring.

The eighth round knockout loss to Ali remains one of the most iconic moments in combat sports history.

George Foreman batters Joe Frazier in one of two knockout victories over the former champion…

Foreman’s Crazy Night in Toronto

Soon after the Ali loss, Foreman accepted a five-man one-night tournament in Canada. The bouts he took part in that night remain one of the most bizarre yet least well known in boxing history.

Obviously, these were no world class champion caliber boxers, but a few of them had decent-ish records and experience in world title fights. Watch as Foreman acts wild, with Ali in attendance, and KO’s five boxers one after the other:

Foreman Talks About Coming Back 1987-1997

During an unprecedented comeback in 1987, after 10 years away from the sport, ‘Big George’ shattered the mold. Winning 27 fights, Foreman earned a title fight against Michael Moorer.

At the record breaking age of 45, Foreman was again crowned heavyweight champion of the world. Knocking out Moorer, who was undefeated before the fight, Foreman had completed a fairy tale story in his amazing career.

Here’s George telling Boxing New Online how it felt:

Man, that Joe Frazier. I was afraid of him and when they stopped the fight in the second round after six knockdowns I just couldn’t believe it. Suddenly I was thinking of John L. Sullivan, Jack Dempsey, Jersey Joe Walcott, Muhammad Ali. You could feel the spirit of all those people running through you. That was a moment. Yes, that was an incredible moment. The second time I made a point of believing it.

The first time I didn’t believe it. When you fight for the heavyweight championship of the world it does feel unbelievable, it doesn’t feel like you’re really there, it could be a dream. ‘You’re going to wake up soon, you don’t belong in the ring with these guys.’ The second time around, I could deal with all those thoughts. It was a special moment, more so, than when I won the fight with Frazier.

When I said I was going to come back at the age of 55, I was going to do it. I was in good shape. I would talk to my wife every night about it. David Tua was the No.1 contender at the time and I knew I could beat him. My wife said, ‘You’re not going back to boxing.’ I said, ‘Yes I am! You think I can’t beat these guys don’t you? I tell you I can beat them.’ She looked at me and said, ‘George, isn’t that the way you want to leave the sport, thinking you can still do it?’ That was so profound. I never brought the conversation up again.

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