UFC 199 headliner and Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold may have all the right moves inside the octagon but is lacking in charisma outside the octagon. Rockhold appeared on TV series Millionaire Matchmaker and caused quite a stir by asking one of the contestants does she spit or swallow on a first date.

Luke Rockhold gets set to defend his UFC Middlweight Title tonight against bitter rival Michael Bisping and the challenger doesn’t seem to have much time for the Champion, announcing at the weight-ins,

“There is no person on this planet i’d rather take this title off than this smug motherfucker”

There is clearly no love lost between the pair and Bisping takes offence to the way Luke Rockhold carries himself outside the octagon. Often mocking the Champion for appearing on the reality TV series, which depicted the California native the object of desire of single women.


Check out the clip from the show where Luke shamelessly asks his date if she spits or swallows by clicking below.

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