10 Times MMA Fighters Beat Up Muggers, Thieves And Armed Robbers

By ross

We all know how effective a mixed martial artist can be inside the cage, but those years of training and competing can also prove to be invaluable outside of it too.

In this article we’ll look at 10 heroic real-life stories of MMA fighters using their fighting techniques to stop muggers, thieves and armed robbers in their tracks and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

Polyana Viana

Earlier this month UFC fighter Polyana Viana was waiting for an uber outside her home in Rio De Janeiro when a suspicious man approached to ask her the time and then didn’t leave.

Instead, the man warned Viana that he was armed with a gun and ordered her to hand over her mobile phone.

However, Viana didn’t believe him, suspecting that the gun was in fact a fake, and so she decided that she wasn’t going to let herself become a victim.

Instead she put her MMA skills to good use, landing two punches and a kick, which dropped him to the concrete.

The 26-year-old, who is currently 1-1 in the UFC and holds an overall 10-2 MMA record, then sunk in a rear-naked choke to keep the mugger in place until the police arrived.

A picture of the would-be thug’s swollen, bloodied face proved just how effective Viana’s brand of street justice had been, while her theory that he didn’t have a real gun proved to be correct – it was in fact made of cardboard.