10 UFC Stars Who Became Stand-Up Comedians

Stephan Bonnar

Stephan Bonnar has pretty much did everything you can think of to make money since leaving the UFC, from pro-wrestling to stockbroking and even investing in a Las Vegas strip club.

Bonnar also attempted to become a comedian. His first-ever gig was at a strip club in 2018. Later that night, he also managed to talk comic Adam Hunter to give him a five-minute spot at his gig at the South Point Casino. When asked by Hunter how his first gig had gone, the reportedly “high-strung” Bonnar claimed that he’d started joking about the strippers and got booed off-stage.

Things didn’t get much better in his second gig as Hunter recalls. Bonnar kept having to check his phone when he forgot his lines. Worse still, Bonnar forgot that Hunter had done him a favor by getting him a 5-minute spot. He ended up rambling on for 15 minutes before finally realizing that he’d gone over his timeslot. If that wasn’t bad enough, a drunken UFC fan approached Bonnar after the show was over. The fan repeatedly told him to his face that his comedy sucked and that he should stick to fighting. Hunter then witnessed Bonnar throw the heckler to the ground using a wrist-lock before shouting, “who sucks now?”

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