Has any UFC fighter been able to control their destiny like Conor McGregor? He will headline UFC: 246 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Irishman hasn’t fought since losing a lightweight title bout to Khabib Nurmagamedov over a year ago. He will fight Donald Cerrone in an eagerly anticipated clash.

One man who is watching with keen eyes is Justin Gaethje. He recently knocked out ‘Cowboy’ and believes he deserves a title shot. Gaethje is a fan-favourite for his incredible displays of violence. Every fight he’s been in has won him bonuses. The man brings carnage.

However, he believes that it should be him fighting McGregor. ‘The Highlight’ is not impressed and made that clear on Michael Bisping’s ‘Believe You Me’ podcast.

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Gaethje was incredibly impassioned during the interview with Bisping. In short, he really wants that title shot. Furthermore, he thinks that he had a claim to it over Tony Ferguson. But the return of McGregor represents a real threat. The Irishman ducked him. That’s plain and simple. But can you blame him? Gaethje doesn’t, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to fall victim to McGregor’s star power. He said:

“If Conor McGregor can fight Donald Cerrone and jump over me to fight Khabib, then I get it’s all about money, but I’m sitting right here, I’m f****** ready to go.”

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Wait in Line

One thing is certain: if McGregor cuts the line for a shot against Khabib, then Gaethje will go crazy. He understands the business side of the game but believes that he has done enough to claim a shot at the title. With a series of knockout wins and increased maturity in his fights, ‘The Highlight’ has a point.

“If Conor McGregor can fight Donald Cerrone and jump over me to fight Khabib, then I get it’s all about money, but I’m sitting right here, I’m f****** ready to go,” Gaethje said. “I’m training. Donald Cerrone just got finished two times in a row. I get that Conor’s coming off a loss, but he’s calling for a title fight.

“If you want a title fight, you have to go through me, you cannot go through anybody else. You can go through Poirier, s***, me and Poirier, that’s the honest truth.”

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Major Scalp

Gaethje’s sole intention is to fight Khabib for the title. He wants to get there before it’s too late. ‘The Highlight’ believes that he’s the best man to test the Russian. Furthermore, beating McGregor is the quickest way to ensure his place in line. Oh, and the money would be nice too.

“I’m trying to get to Khabib,” Gaethje said. “I can’t let him go undefeated without at least being able to test him myself. I bring different things that Khabib hasn’t had to deal with necessarily. I’ve crazy power in my legs and my arms and my hands and I’m really good at wrestling. I’ve been wrestling as long as he has. Nobody has wrestled as long as he has, except for me.

“I just beat No 4, that put me at No 4. Conor’s No 3. When I fought I was under the impression he was retired because that’s what he was saying, he wasn’t fighting no more. And then right after that he said he was coming back and so, of course, he’s No 3. I figure the quickest, most surest way to Khabib is through Conor right now.”

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