Three Knockdowns and That Was That… Tenshin Nasukawa’s Corner Threw in the Towel After One Round With Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather…

The exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather and Tenshin Nasukawa finally went down at RIZIN 14 in Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena. It was one of the most bizarre events in recent history, with tepee chokes, brutal injuries, a visiting Bellator champion, and of course, that exhibition match.

Say what you like about Mayweather. He might not be able to spell, but he’s a genius at math because he managed to make $9 million for the sake of schooling Nasukawa in three minutes. This was built as a battle between the unpredictable kickboxer and the experienced veteran.

However, it all turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax. Much was made of how all of how Mayweather was getting everything turned in his favour and that’s the way it worked out. He basically ‘big-brothered’ Nasukawa, who wasn’t able to cope with the American boxer’s size advantage.

Welcome to Japan

After arriving hours late and making half of the US hate themselves by staying up all night to stream this one illegally, it was done and dusted in a round. Nasukawa might have looked the part when he came out, looking as intense as your girlfriend when you called her by your ex’s name.

Mayweather, in contrast, looked relaxed and calm with his entire entourage beside him. He came out wearing a surgical mask for some reason – don’t even ask why. The whole set-up was more than a little bit strange. This was also the first time that ‘Money’ was fighting outside Las Vegas since 2005.

Over and Out

However, when they finally went to war, he couldn’t cope with Mayweather’s size advantage and was dropped three times in the first round. Three times by Mayweather. The man is over 40 for crying out loud and isn’t exactly a knockout machine. This was highly embarrassing for RIZIN, but hey they got eyes on their sport so they sort of win I guess?

Mayweather looked totally relaxed and was never really in danger. It kind of leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of fans who were hoping to see RIZIN go insane and allow Nasukawa to head kick him. Ah well… We can still dream about it. While this won’t go on the 20-year-old Japanese fighter’s record, it’s definitely not the coming out party he wanted in front of the world.

Title Fight

Elsewhere on the card, Bellator Bantamweight champion fell victim to former UFC veteran Kyoji Horiguchi as they battled it out for the RIZIN bantamweight title. This was a groundbreaking fight, as it was the first time in recent history that two fighters from major promotions fought for a belt. (Yes the Cage Warriors heavyweight champion Mario whatever his name did the same against ONE’s Brandon Vera, but this took it to a new level.

Despite losing the first two rounds, Horiguchi managed to fight back and keep the belt in Japan, sinking in the rear-naked choke. Scott Coker did not look happy at all. This was a really weird event.

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