ONE Friday Fights 41 is now live at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.  Here are more details about the event alongside the full card and live results of the bouts.

  • Dedduanglek Tded99 vs. Nakrob Fairtex (Muay Thai – flyweight) 
  • Songchainoi Kiatsongrit vs. Rak Erawan (Muay Thai – 116-pound catchweight) 
  • Suriyanlek Por Yenying vs. Tomyamkoong Bhumjaithai (Muay Thai – 132-pound catchweight) 
  • Buakhiao Por Paoin vs. Paruehatnoi TBM Gym (Muay Thai – 138-pound catchweight) 
  • Parnpet Sor Jor Lekmuangnon vs. Meysam Adelniya (Muay Thai – 126-pound catchweight) 
  • Yodnumchai Fairtex vs. Champagnarm Por Pramuk (Muay Thai – 114-pound catchweight) 
  • Yodlekpet Or Atchariya vs. Tagir Khalilov (Muay Thai – 136-pound catchweight) 
  • View Petkosol vs. Aslanbek Zikreev (kickboxing – 126-pound catchweight) 
  • Sulaiman LooksuanAutomuaythai vs. Kijani Jacquary Kwami Aytch (Muay Thai – flyweight) 
  • Ruslan Satiev vs. Farid Alibabazade (MMA – flyweight) 
  • Gadzhimurad Amirzhanov vs. Morteza Noroozi (MMA – welterweight)


  • Gadzhimurad Amirzhanov defeated Morteza Noroozi via TKO in their MMA welterweight bout. The fight ended at 3:25 of Round 2.
  • Ruslan Satiev defeated Farid Alibabazade via split decision in their MMA flyweight bout.
  • Sulaiman LooksuanAutomuaythai defeated Kijani Jacquary Kwami Aytch via unanimous decision in their Muay Thai flyweight bout.
  • View Petkosol defeated Aslanbek Zikreev via unanimous decision in their 126-pound catchweight kickboxing bout.
  • Tagir Khalilov defeated Yodlekpet Or Atchariya via a split decision in their 136-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout.
  • Yodnumchai Fairtex defeated Champagnarm Por Pramuk via KO in their 114-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout. The fight ended at 2:21 of Round 1.
  • Parnpet Sor Jor Lekmuangnon defeated Meysam Adelniya via TKO in their 126-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout. The fight ended at 0:30 of Round 2.
  • Buakhiao Por Paoin defeated Paruehatnoi TBM Gym via unanimous decision in their 138-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout.
  • Suriyanlek Por Yenying defeated Tomyamkoong Bhumjaithai via KO in their 132-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout. The fight ended at 2:47 of Round 3.
  • Songchainoi Kiatsongrit defeated Rak Erawan via unanimous decision in their 116-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout. 
  • Nakrob Fairtex defeated Dedduanglek Tded99 via TKO in their flyweight Muay Thai bout. The fight ended at 0:51 of Round 3.
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