The questions about the uncertain future of Bellator continue, and fighters who will fight at the Bellator 301 can’t help but ask what will happen after the event. Patchy Mix, nonetheless, is trying to see the situation with a silver lining by trusting his record and credentials. According to the fighter, with his achievements and his team, he knows he can find other places to continue making a living.

The news about the selling of Bellator has been circulating for years, but its final phase seems nearing, with Showtime exiting its combat sports business at the end of 2023. Many Bellator fighters are still trying to hope for the best, with Sergio Pettis, whom Mix will fight at Bellator 301, saying he wouldn’t let this bother him. Mix, however, is trying to be more realistic about the matter by embracing the possibility while assuring himself that he can find other places sooner or later in case the news is true.

“Right now, I’m going to be looking at it, November 17,” Mix told MMA Fighting. “I win this undisputed world title, I’m 19-1 with 15 finishes. It’s a record that no bantamweight has. I’m just trying to add to my credentials and create my legacy. This is going to be a big part of it.

“No matter where I go, I’m going to get paid. I’ve got the best manager in the game Ali [Abdelaziz] and the best team, Dominance MMA. No matter where I go, with my stats, my credentials — who’s to say where I will [end up] if [Bellator] gets sold or who it gets sold to. I don’t even know how any of this stuff works.”

The American fighter also acknowledged Bellator’s contribution to his career and the opportunities he has been receiving from the company.

“I love Bellator,” Mix said. “Coming from not having much, a kid from Buffalo, N.Y., and getting to sign with one of the biggest promotions and fighting in Madison Square Garden for my debut, that was amazing.

“I’ve traveled the f****** world. Ireland, Japan. I fought close to home a couple of times in Connecticut, being from New York. I went to Hawaii twice. I won a million dollars in Hawaii. So you know I’m not complaining about the promotion.”

With this and a plan in mind, Mix chooses to focus on his bout against Pettis, whom the fighter believes will show the “best version” of himself today.

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