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from E Fight News

6. Wanderlei Silva KOs Fujita

This was Wanderlei’s final victory in Pride, as he would drop his final two bouts with the promotion.

This was the first round of Pride’s Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament in 2006. It wasn’t the first time Silva made the jump to heavyweight in Pride, even though he would primarily compete at middleweight.

After knocking Fujita down, Silva let loose with soccer kicks to his face. Not even the end of the round could save Fujita. With the win it would set up Silva’s 2nd fight with Mirko “Cro Crop” Filipovich in the semi-finals. We could see a 3rd fight in their rivalry upcoming in Rizin.

Both fighters are now signed to Rizin, and participating in their current open weight grand prix. They will meet in the 2nd round of the tournament.

Wanderlei vs fujita by Sebfighter123456

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