In this day and age, most people for either work or personal affairs, use online, easily viewable, and convertible PDF files instead of the standard “offline” writing papers.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most popularly used file formats. It doesn’t make a difference which device, mobile phone, computer, or operating system you make use of; the PDF works the same.

The basic nature of a PDF makes it simple for anyone to download and email to other people. And since it is not the property of any individual corporation, it is free to use, sell and distribute PDF files or software.

But this can also make them inflexible and difficult to edit without downloading other software. Thus, here are some easy techniques you can learn to accelerate these processes:

Reduce the Size of PDF File

If your work includes using PDF files regularly or you are a website owner, there’s no doubt that you’ve faced this problem before.

While PDFs provide clear and high-resolution files, they can be bothersome when they can’t be opened or sent through email due to their large size.

A straightforward solution to this is to compress the files with PDF software like Adobe or to convert your PDFs to Images and file formats like JPG.

Edit PDF Files

You’d think editing such a popular file format wouldn’t even be an issue, yet there are numerous PDF formats still being used that are view-only and non-editable.

This can be a major inconvenience for office workers or students, to add notes or make changes to a PDF file. There are better ways than printing a fresh copy of a file and then making hand-written changes.

A quick fix to this is, is by converting the PDF into a Word Document, so you can edit it before saving it again as a PDF file.

Translate PDF Files into Other Languages

Have you ever needed to read an important PDF file online but its content was composed in a language you couldn’t read? Or did you ever need to present a PDF file in a different language for international viewers?

If the answer to any of those is yes, then you won’t have to trouble yourself any longer.

The most manageable solution is by using Google Translate to do all the work for you and translating it into a language you’re comfortable with.

Splitting and Merging PDF Files

To make it more accessible and easier to read, a plain option is to combine two or more PDF documents into a single file.

It can make very clean and impressive documents for presentations and is more useful than it may seem. There are many online services to help you do this for free while keeping the original format.

Similarly, while facing an opposite problem like wanting to split off a page or multiple pages of a PDF file is also possible. It is a very useful feature to separate the information you require rather than having to scroll down for minutes each time.

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