Jose Aldo just called Conor McGregor a pussy after he relinquished the 145-pound belt and decided to stay in the lightweight division as its king. The former interim featherweight champion Aldo wasted no time by laying into McGregor after being promoted to regular champion.

The 30-year-old Brazilian doesn’t seem surprised by the UFC’s decision to force McGregor to relinquish the belt. Instead, he went on to blast McGregor for his decision to give up the title.

“I knew that would happen,” said Aldo, who lost to McGregor in 13 seconds at UFC 194 in November 2015.

from Fox Sports
from Fox Sports

Jose Aldo is Featherweight Champion Once Again

“To me, I never stopped being champion. I lost that fight because of an accident. I knew that I would win a rematch, that I would be champion again. It’s not my fault that he’s such a pussy he was never the champion. I don’t see myself losing to anyone in this division or any other (division).”

Aldo maintains that McGregor’s knockout win over him last year was nothing more than a fluke. Aldo says it was only a matter of time before he reclaimed the title again.

“No matter what happens, I will always be the champion. I had no doubt about it. The moment I lost, I knew the belt would be mine [again]. It was [just] a matter of time. It’s not the way I wanted, but I’m happy because I know I’m the champion,” he stated.

Aldo was declared the undisputed featherweight champion over the weekend after McGregor gave up the belt. The UFC then introduced another interim title bout for the UFC 206 main event. Max Holloway is set to take on Anthony Pettis for the interim featherweight strap.

Jose Aldo

Aldo Is Looking For A Rematch With McGregor At Lightweight

Aldo had been campaigning for a rematch with McGregor ever since he suffered the knockout loss last December. But the Irishman dismissed the callout as he deemed no point of fighting his Brazilian rival.

However, even if he is expected to face the winner of Holloway vs. Pettis in early 2017, Aldo still has his sights set on a rematch with McGregor.

According to Aldo, he is willing to move up to 155 pounds and get his rematch against the only man to ever beat him inside the Octagon.

“First, I want to defend my title, and then go after a fight with [McGregor] (at lightweight),” Aldo shared.

“Just like Dana (White) said, we can choose who we want to fight, so I want to fight him. That’s what will happen.”

But how can the UFC call Jose Aldo a champion if he was practically just handed the featherweight belt? It seems McGregor had a point when he said months ago that the featherweight division was pretty much dead after what he did to its best fighter.

McGregor destroyed Aldo in just 13-seconds and if he could do that to Aldo, he can do that to anybody.

With Aldo back at the top of the 145-pounders, the division is normalized somewhat. But with the memory of McGregor simply wiping that class clean, it’s hard to look at Aldo as anything but a paper champion.

He can however, repair his image. Aldo’s plan to take on the winner of Holloway-Pettis is a start. If he’s successful, he’ll move on to McGregor at lightweight which is the true face-saving bout.

Nevertheless, a rematch with McGregor is the only way to go. Repairing his image will be a difficult task, but it’s doable.

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