PICS: The Best Internet Reactions to Khabib Crushing McGregor

By Dazzler

The Internet is a Harsh and Brutal Place… There Are Some Absolutely Terrible But Hilarious Reactions Going Around to Khabib Nurmagamedov’s Victory Over Conor McGregor…

UFC 229 has been and gone. Khabib Nurmagamedov remains the lightweight champion of the world – at least for now. We’ll see what happens to him after he started that crazy brawl last night, but until then he is definitely the best 155 lb fighter on the planet.

He convincingly defeated Conor McGregor last night in Las Vegas. That second round was probably the worst beating the Irishman had taken in his entire career. Sure, they were possibly level on points going into the fourth before McGregor was submitted (The Irishman took the third and there’s an argument that he stole the first as well), but Khabib never looked like getting knocked out.

With all the hype and hate coming into this one, there was bound to be a passionate reaction after the fight. Let’s take a look at some of the best internet reactions to the fight.

Screenshot: Twitter.

Ground Game

One of McGregor’s main lines coming into this one was how Khabib was lucky that he didn’t get off the bus because he would be a dead one. That and ‘You s**t on bus.’ So the picture above is one of the best reactions to this. Khabib will fight and destroy any man, woman or child you put in front of him. He doesn’t give a damn.

The meme below is equally brilliant. While we don’t condone the Russian launching himself off the cage, trying to commit assault and sparking off an MMA brawl for the ages, there’s no doubt that the fact he took on McGregor’s team by himself was pretty epic (and entertaining). Compare that to when McGregor flew over 20 goons from Ireland to target the Russian. Big difference.

Screenshot: Twitter.


Despite the scorecards, this was a dominant performance from Khabib. Sure, McGregor might have stolen the first round – he landed some more strikes before Khabib basically lay on top of him for 75% of the round without doing much else. However, in the second the Russian dropped McGregor with a massive haymaker and went about trying to change his face with vicious ground-and-pound. His ground game is truly next level. Say what you like about McGregor – he was outclassed, but he is tough. That round must have been absolute hell, and it was close to being stopped.

Screenshot: Twitter.

Whiskey Time?

This fight almost felt like one big whiskey promotion with McGregor spending as much time advertising his Proper Twelve range as he did explaining how to fight. Khabib – a teetotal Muslim – mocked this, and it was obviously used by geniuses on the internet as well. You can get bet McGregor will be drowning his sorrows after this one.

Screenshot: Twitter.

The King

There’s only one king in the lightweight division right now – and it isn’t Conor McGregor. The Notorious is left in an uncertain place – but for the first time became an almost sympathetic figure. This is Khabib time. Whether or not he’s stripped of his belt or retires – as rumors suggest he might unless he gets the GSP fight – we’ve been lucky to get the chance to watch one of the most dominant mixed martial artists of any era. Not even the chaos in the aftermath can take that away.

Screenshot: Twitter.


In the aftermath of the fight, passion took over. Khabib has point: his family, religion, country, and character were insulted by McGregor. Should he have taken the moral high ground and held his head up high as champion? Yes probably.

But let’s be real: Dillon Danis has a very punchable face.