It Wasn’t Just Khabib Nurmagamedov and Conor McGregor Who Were Fighting Last Night… And We’re Not Just Talking About The Brawl Between Both Men’s Teams Either… Fans Were Fighting Too…

Some of the messiest scenes in MMA history took place last night after Khabib Nurmagamedov defeated Conor McGregor. He vanquished his foe by way of fourth round rear naked choke to retain his 155 lb lightweight title, and consolidate his status as champion.

However, he wasn’t done there. He exchanged angry words with Dillon Danis outside the cage, and propelled himself off the fence at the New Yorker, triggering a wild and unruly brawl which saw two members of his team arrested. It was disgraceful and captured on live TV in front of a record-breaking audience.

It wasn’t just the fighters who were brawling. The fans decided to get in on the action too. Multiple clips have surfaced of fans attacking each other on the Las Vegas strip and outside the T-Mobile Arena. You can watch them below.


It’s pure carnage, plain and simple. In the above footage, two men appear to be the main pair fighting. One lays the other flat out on the ground with a one punch KO. It’s actually highly impressive. The other guy lies flat on his back without moving, while everyone around cheers.

With all the green shirts and Russian hats, the two sets of fans are clearly identifiable. Some more men from both sides move in to fight, and the lad who was KOed gets pulled away by his arms. He begins to wake up but looks totally confused.


In the second clip, two men from both sides get into a verbal altercation that turns violent. This one took place in the hall of the T-Mobile Arena. Words suddenly turn into fists and one of the Khabib fans goes forward like an absolute animal with fists flying. Seriously, there’s crazy power in those punches and he annihilates his opponent.

The Irish fans clearly outnumber the Russians in this footage though and they stand defiant, making their voices heard. They begin to chant “olé olé olé,” popularly sung by Irish soccer fans. Their voices soon fill the hall and the Russians back off this time. Where is the security though? Surely they could have been better prepared? It’s no secret that these two sets of fans don’t like each other.


There are definitely going to be serious consequences for this. Khabib Nurmagamedov has had his $3 million purses held back by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, pending an investigation. There is a genuine risk that he will be both stripped of his title and lose his pay. Meanwhile, his teammates Zubaira Tukagov and Islam Makachev are set to be sacked by the UFC for their role in the fight with Conor McGregor.

It was all very unsavory and something we haven’t seen the likes of since Strikeforce: Nashville back in 2010. Heck, even Mike Tyson was shocked and he bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear.

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