Looks like the war of words between Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm is ramping up again. There are a few interesting updates since yesterday…

With a pairing looking increasingly likely for UFC 219, Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm are firing shots. Using USADA drug testing as the focal point, Holm and her Brazilian rival got into a social media spat yesterday.

Starting things off, Cyborg claimed USADA needed to be testing both parties equally. Given her recent drug test scare, the Brazilian KO artist claims she’s being targeted by the anti-doping agency.

Here’s the first interesting update: Holm’s response to Cyborg was pretty blunt, claiming she didn’t ‘need applause’ for passing a drug test. Today, that post from Holm’s Instagram and Twitter feed has been deleted. Why would this post get erased by Holm? Perhaps it’s something to do with her training partner Jon Jones’ current doping scandal.

Then again, it could be something else. One thing is for sure, Cyborg is jumping on her opportunity:

Cris Cyborg continues her assault on Holly Holm, this time trying to shame Greg Jackson’s MMA and Jon Jones, among others…

Cyborg Slams Jacksons & Their Stars

Using Holm’s line from her now-deleted Instagram post, Cyborg published an article on her website titled ‘allow me to waste 1 minute of my day.’ Pictured in the post is the infamous crotch shot of Holm before UFC 184 which later lead to steroid speculation in a viral sensation.

Accompanied by a picture of the Jackson’s MMA coaches in a ‘Breaking Bad’ parody, Cyborg basically unloaded the cannon with her rant:

Cyborg Goes Ham on Everyone

Coach WinkleJohn stated he would like to see me complete 1 year of incident free testing before the fight could be made, despite the fact that JacksonWink MMA has been known as one of the major MMA gym’s for doping violations.

Notable fighters such as; Alistar Overeem, Jon Jones, Shane Carwin, Ali Bagautinov, Nate Marquadt, and Frank Mir AND SEVERAL OTHERS have all suffered doping violations after conducting training camps at the WinkleJohn training facility in New Mexico.

I have in fact completed the requested ‘year of testing’ without incident! I fully support USADA and I appreciate it as a platform allowing me to prove to my fans that following my suspension 6 years ago. I learned from my mistake and grew as an athlete.

Moving forward so there is no confusion, I am wanting an agreement that Holly Holm will be tested the same amount of times from Oct 1st-Dec. 30th that I am tested.

Holly responded on her social media stating that she has already been tested 1 more time than I have in 2017.  Those numbers are a bit misleading however, considering she has already fought 3 times in 2017 compared to my 1 fight.  Holly also failed to mention that only 1 of those tests have occurred in the last quarter.

If I am woken up at 5am to test, then I want her being woken up at 5am to test the same amount of times.

See the way Cyborg uses Holm’s infamous crotch pic to blatantly imply steroid use…


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