Valerie Loureda is only 3-0 in MMA but she is one of the most popular fighters on the Bellator roster. The former Taekwondo champion knows how to use social media to her advantage, even if she says that she is just being herself. However, it’s definitely working for her.

‘Master’ has superb striking but is yet to be truly tested in her professional career. She fought at Bellator 243 in Mohegan Sun and extended her winning record. The Cuban-American is an exciting prospect but only time will reveal how good she really is.

Check out the clip below as she starches the overmatched Tara Graff. Let’s hope that Bellator offers her a step-up in the competition next time around.


In the clip above you can see Loureda get the win in the second round. She landed a powerful overhand right and dropped her opponent. Then she waded in with ground-and-pound. Referee Mike Beltran waved the fight off as the bell rang. It was impressive albeit against a limited opponent.

First of all, she let out a tribal roar. Then Loureda pulled out the dance moves. There was twerking and jiving as she listed off her Instagram and TikTok usernames. But don’t forget, she doesn’t do anything for social media guys.


Some criticize the fact that her three opponents have a combined two professional wins between them. For this reason, many MMA fans believe that Bellator is trying to take advantage of her model good looks and avoid pitting her against tougher opponents. Of course, the promotion does try to build its prospects up slowly. UFC fighter Macy Chiasson accused her of ‘selling sex’ on social media. Loureda told assembled media:

“I don’t do anything for social media, I do things for myself. For example, I am an extreme girly-girl outside of the cage. So the way that I market myself, it’s not for social media and it’s not for men. This is the way that I look. I’ve worked my whole life to have this body, to have this figure — I was a ballerina, I’ve been a martial artist.

“I think that’s where people mistake. It’s not for social media. I am the way that I look like, but I’m also a fighter. What does one thing have to do with the other? Just because I look different than other martial artists doesn’t make me any different. It’s my identity, this is why Valerie Loureda is different.”


Regardless of whether it is her just being herself or if it’s a more calculated move, it’s working. People are talking about Loureda. However, she also believes that people are just jealous of her and her opportunities. Time will tell how things work out for the Miami-based fighter.

“I have different passions outside of the cage and that’s okay,” she added. The way I am doesn’t mean I market myself like that. It means I’m a normal girl who has an education outside of the cage and that should be recognized. It’s just jealousy and they’re not educated in that aspect. They’ve never seen it before and they can’t handle it. But they will when they see me fight in the cage.”

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