Floyd Mayweather’s friend and famous rapper 50 Cent reacts to Conor McGregor calling him out last month…

Funnily enough, Conor McGregor’s feuds are far from limited to mixed martial arts. Every day there’s a new player calling out the Irishman. Perhaps sensing the potential money to be made, stars from WWE, boxing, and even swimming are uttering McGregor in the media.

When you get challenged to a swimming race by Olympic hero Michael Phelps, you know you’ve hit the big time. Since his highly publicized fight with Floyd Mayweather, ‘The Notorious’ is bigger than ever.

But where does this apparent beef with famous rapper 50 Cent come from? Leading up to and after his boxing spectacle against Mayweather, McGregor was trolled hard by 50 Cent. Strange to see this from someone who isn’t even remotely a sports personality.

You have to just figure 50 likes staying relevant, or at least current. Most recently 50, real name Curtis Jackson, explained why he’d squash McGregor in the street:

50 Cent claims he could beat Conor McGregor in a street fight…

50 Cent’s Comments

McGregor claimed 50 Cent was a ‘fake money b*tch,’ during the MayMac tour. As per MMAMania.com, 50 Cent feels McGregor is too small to compete with him:

I was like, dude, this fool didn’t know if he was fighting Floyd or me.

I was like, ‘Where did that come from?’— you know? But he was doing his job; he was putting on a show and making sure everybody was paying attention.

He doesn’t take Conor too seriously either, as it turns out, on account of Conor’s lighter weight. When asked if he could take the Irishman, his response was certainty.

In the street? Yeah! C’mon, he weighs 150 pounds, man!

Continue reading to find out how Conor McGregor fared in a childhood street fight…

“Usually it’s to do with women, as I’m sure you know,” McGregor told ESPN’s Highly Questionable. “Growing up as a young kid I was the younger kid and I was going after this girl. She was maybe 15, 16 years of age. Her boyfriend was like 17 or 18. Him and his little crew were driving cars and everything and I was only a young kid, but I sneaked my way in there.”

“I was with with the girl and we were walking up the street one night and the car pulled up in front of me and a big load of them jumped out and whooped my ass,” said McGregor. “I curled up in a ball and took my beating. I’d done nothing.

“For me, after that moment I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to really learn how to fight so if anyone ever jumps out of a car or jumps out in any situation they will never do it again.'”

50 Cent trolled Conor McGregor after the rumour he got KO’d in training for Floyd Mayweather: 50centHahaha The little leprechaun knocked the fuck out in the gym again. LOL

The Difference Now

McGregor-Trained as f*ck. 50 Cent-Very muscled, not a fighter. What would be the outcome should they collide in the street?

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      • That statement was ridiculous… Scared people come in all shapes and sizes .. now black people are cowards wow.. looks like your a raiders fan your team is full of men that would fear you … Um no and nope ..

        • For the most part it’s true. There is anecdotal evidence. Giant football players aren’t scrawny hood-rat thugs running their mouths while shooting guns, are they? Nice try, I see what you did there.

          • Funny you used a word you don’t fully understand with a premise you didn’t fully grasp.. my point is and remains cowards and thugs come in all shapes and sizes and colours.. “hood-rat”?? “Thugs” again you associate those words with black people but your black sports heroes are separated from those other black people.. so are we all cowards or not?? Every race of man is brave with an advantage be it #’s or a weapon.. that’s human nature you need to cut the stereotypes out of your sports talk..

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing 50 cent get his ass whooped. His talk makes me wonder if 50 is going under financially because it looks like he is trying to start something in order to make some quick cash.

  2. when you know how to grapple, and when you kick like a bull, street fights can not prepare you for that

  3. only thing is how accurate is 50 cent with his strikes. if hes confident that he can hit mcgregor let them at it. when it comes to honor there is no weight class. if mcgregor has the balls to say it then he got the balls to back it up.

  4. lmfao…..Curtis Jackson is 42 yrs old not a trained fighter…Conor McGregor is 29 yrs old a 2x Champion…4x if you count all his titles and just went 10 rds as an amatuer boxer with Floyd Mayweather and did not make 12 rds only because his cardio isnt great. Conor is also 6 ft and walks around at 175 pds…

      • Floyds boxed since he could walk…and Conor went 10 rds and gassed…nothing Floyd really did hurt Conor…..take away cardio issues and Floyd and Conor go 12 full rds lmao…Put FLoyd in the octagon with Conor see how long it lasts…Curtis Jackson aint a trained boxer or fighter he’d get lit up like a matchstick then put out like one to.

  5. Magregor would hurt 50 bad.. 50 is an awesome rapper actor but is not a fighter by the standards of most professional fighters… probably a tough guy but would not and could not fight a MMA Psycho Like Connor

  6. if 50 put in a month of hard fighting practise i think he would smash connor tyson style.
    imo nobody can stand a heavyweight going full power crazy, tyson used to just go nuts, super tense all over, in that form even a counter punch does nothing.

  7. fifty would get his goons to jump him ha one on one ya right the eighties are gone all these yahoos do is jump in an shoot people no fades to cowardly or afraid theyll look bad takin a beatin

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