Floyd Mayweather Believes the Ref Saved Conor…

Did Conor McGregor really do all that well against Floyd? It’s amazing that this bout has been over for weeks now and people are still debating what exactly happened inside the ring that night.

The popular opinion on the night was that Conor had done far better than expected. Many, although clearly not the judges, had Conor winning several of the early rounds. Still more general opinion stated that Conor only lost because he gassed out. Is that what happened though? Or was Conor’s early success in the bout part of Floyd’s strategy?

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Floyd’s Strategy 

Floyd Mayweather threw 6 punches in the 1st round. Those are not the actions of someone who is trying to win the round. Only averaging a thrown punch once ever 30 seconds is not exactly an active fighter. To those unaware of Floyd’s strategy, it would have seemed as though Conor was controlling the early rounds, but Floyd’s strategy was working flawlessly.

As Floyd would later say he expected, Conor gassed in the later rounds. He was unable to get his hands up to defend himself, and Floyd kept hitting him until the ref stepped in.

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How Well Did Conor Actually Do?

To MMA fans it seemed an early stoppage and one based on Conor’s cardio rather than not on the beating he was taking. Floyd would later say this was his plan all along, and the only reason Conor did so well in the early rounds was because Floyd was purposely allowing him to.

If that is the case then Conor really didn’t do as good as many initially believed he did. That aside, however, he did do good enough to claim he went toe-to-toe with Mayweather and held his own. That may not have been what happened, but Conor can claim it is and that’s all that really matters.

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Floyd Says He Felt Sorry for Conor

Floyd recently sat down with reporters to talk about his career and his bout with Conor.

When asked if he would have preferred if the ref had not stopped the fight but instead allowed Floyd to knock Conor out, here was his response:

He has a career. He’s still young.

We have to think about these fighters, even my Uncle Roger. Right now, I got a call just before I came off. He keeps wandering off, no one can find him, he ends up in the hospital. So brain damage, it happens

When asked if Floyd was surprised at how well Conor was doing in the fight, Floyd stated the following:

I was happy, I said we were giving the fans what they wanted to see.

So, it’s a catch-22 if I blew him out in the first round they’d have something to say, if I let the fight go on longer than expected they’d have something to say.

Floyd is careful not to let Conor take more credit than he is given, but Floyd is correct they gave the fans what they wanted to see that night. The bout has not received the negative feedback similar to Mayweather vs Pacquiao that many believed it would.

Listen to the full interview in the player below: 

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