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If you’re currently looking around for window companies in Edmonton, then you’re probably already aware that it’s creeping up to that point in time where you have to replace y our windows. For those that aren’t completely aware of when it’s time for window replacement, there are a variety of things to look out for that can give you a better indication of it. While windows aren’t able to vocally tell you that they want to be replaced, there are some warning signs that you can be aware of.

Sometimes windows just need to be repaired or maintained instead of being fully replaced, and you’ll always want to be aware of what to look out for so that the energy efficiency in your home isn’t being compromised by deteriorating windows.

Foggy Windows

One of the most revealing signs that it’s time to replace your windows is when you begin to notice fog between your window panes. You won’t see this as much on single-pane windows, but if you have double or triple-pane windows that are foggy, this can be a sign that the seal on the windows is starting to go. Multi-pane windows are also known as insulated glass units.

One of the most important parts of multi-pane windows is their ability to boost the energy efficiency of a home. There is air or argon gas between each pane of glass on your windows, and that prevents the cool or warm air from getting into your home. Your home will feel more insulated, and you won’t have to worry about a cold and drafty house whenever you get back from work or other activities.

Like everything else in life, the seal on your windows will start to break down. Condensation will start to fill the spaces between your glass panes and over time, your view will start to become obstructed because of it. At this point, the energy efficiency of your home will be much worse than it should be. You’ll want to look for window companies in Edmonton that will replace your windows. This isn’t really an issue that you can repair.

Window Functionality

If you begin to notice that the functionality of your windows is starting to deteriorate, you might be nearing a window replacement on the horizon. Although that might be the case, other things can also interrupt the functionality of your windows such as dust, debris, and dirt getting into the tracks that your sliding windows glide along.

In casement windows and awning windows, they will extend outward. If you’re having difficulty cranking open the windows, you’ll want to take a look at the hinge and see if there is anything that is preventing it from opening as smoothly as it should. If you’re lucky, the window hardware might just require oiling. That leads us to the next point.

Hardware Of Your Window

The hardware of your window is also something that will eventually break down over time. Sometimes the hardware on windows is manufactured from aluminum or steel, and there is a bigger chance that you’ll run into issues such as corrosion in comparison to hardware that is galvanized. If you’re beginning to notice difficulties doing something as simple as opening the window, consider inspecting the hardware parts on the window. Contact your local hardware store or window manufacturer to see if they have any parts that you can replace. If you’re lucky, you might just have to replace a simple hardware part. If not, there could be deeper issues regarding the frame of the window.

Window Frame Issues

Window frame issues can cause a whole bunch of problems, especially to wooden windows. Wood windows are more susceptible to swelling than other types of windows. Wood isn’t as resistant to the elements in comparison to vinyl windows, and that can result in damage. With wood windows, you have to keep them regularly maintained in order for them to function properly over the years. Moisture can also cause wood window frames to rot over time if you’re not proactive in your maintenance.

Damaged Window Frame

If you’re beginning to notice that you’re having a lot of difficulty opening and closing your windows, a couple of things that it could be caused by are:

  • Debris lodged in the window
  • Not oiling the hardware of the window
  • Swelling of the window frame
  • Water damage
  • Warped window frames
  • Rotted out frames
  • Corrosion

Most of these issues occur to wood and metallic windows, and the issues also happen more often to the windows that aren’t subject to ongoing maintenance. Vinyl windows are known to be very durable and resistant to the elements, and that’s why these types of windows don’t see as many issues as wood or metallic ones.


Another thing to be mindful of is the condition of the weatherstripping around your windows. Weatherstripping is installed to create an effective seal that will keep any water from getting into your home. If your weatherstripping is deteriorating and cracking, then you’ll experience an uncomfortable environment in your home. Your energy bills might also be increased.

Noise Pollution

No one enjoys hearing the constant hustle and bustle of the city traffic, sirens, and people all day long. With multi-pane windows, you’ll have a greater degree of protection from the noise all day because your windows will have more insulation. With triple-pane windows, you’ll barely be able to hear the traffic outside of your home in comparison to how much you would hear it with single-pane windows. If you have multi-pane windows and you are experiencing a lot of noise pollution, then that might be a warning sign that the seal on your windows is compromised.

 UPVC Windows

Over time, windows will require maintenance. There is no way to avoid that, but there are ways that you can reduce the amount of maintenance that you have to do. UPVC windows are the best windows that you can get if you want to prevent things like:

  • Fading
  • Warping
  • Corrosion

If you’re ready for new windows and are on the search for window companies in Edmonton to replace your windows, contact NorthTech Windows & Doors. They offer products with a great warranty, and they are focused on the satisfaction of their customers above anything else.

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