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There are many different windows that can be installed in homes, and because everyone has different styles and tastes that they are attracted to, you’ll see different windows being installed in each home you visit. Bay window installation is one type of window that is more expensive and labor-intensive in comparison to your standard windows, but it also adds a couple of extra square feet to your home.

Replacing your windows can change how your home looks from both the interior and exterior of the home. Your home will also reap the benefits of increased natural light and better energy efficiency from new windows. You can’t go wrong with new window installation, but figuring out which windows to go with tends to be a frustrating and difficult task for some people.

If you’re in the market for a new window replacement or bay window installation, it helps to know some of the more common types of windows that are available so that you’re making the best decision.

Single And Double-Hung Windows

Single and double-hung windows are a very common option for people, no matter what type of home they’re living in. You can easily slide the window up and down by lifting and lowering the sashes. The main difference between single and double-hung windows is that the single-hung window only has one sash that can be moved up and down.

If your home doesn’t have good ventilation throughout it, both single and double-hung windows are ideal options. Because of the increased ventilation, mold has a lesser chance of building up and growing in your home. These windows are perfect for installing in kitchens, bathrooms, and areas of the home that are prone to high levels of humidity. The sliding sash on these windows makes them easy to clean.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are another window option that is perfect to install in areas of the home with big openings. Sliding windows move along a track, making them ideal for homes in colder climates. If you’re looking to increase the air circulation in your home, sliding windows are a perfect choice.

These windows work with a variety of different design styles. It doesn’t matter if your home is contemporary or traditional, you can make use of sliding windows in many ways.

Casement Windows

The casement window is another type of window that provides an increased measure of ventilation in your home. Casement windows are known to be very sturdy and reliable. They operate by simply adjusting a crank. One issue to note with casement windows is that they might become difficult to open if there are any plants or bushes on the exterior of your home.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are a basic style of window that provides a good deal of natural light in the home. Because they don’t open, the energy efficiency in your home will be increased from getting fixed windows installed.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are similar to fixed windows in that they can’t be opened. The main difference is that a picture window only contains one pane. Picture windows are perfect to install in areas of the home that overlook an exterior area of your home that you really enjoy. People like to install picture windows overlooking their backyard, their garden, and other areas that can create an enjoyable focal point.

Bay Windows

With bay windows, you’re basically getting a group of picture windows that jut out from the exterior of the home. These are perfect to install in big rooms that have enjoyable scenery right outside of them. The nice thing about bay windows is that they can open outwards to the exterior of the home, providing you with more ventilation and airflow.

For those looking for bay window installation, Canglow Windows & Doors is a window contractor that has leagues of experience in the field.

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