It may surprise you to know that marijuana strains actually have siblings, but it’s true, they do. Some of them may even surprise you. Who knows, you may have actually been smoking two strains without knowing they’re siblings! Ultimate Trainwreck strain, an immensely popular strain, actually has plenty of siblings! Some people may not find this interesting, but for those who do, this article is for you! Stay tuned as we dived into the world of marijuana siblings (weed dispensary Aurora)!

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is the father of a lot of strains. This particular strain is old, super well known, and is very strong! The two most notable siblings underneath Granddaddy Purple are called Candyland and Cherry Pie.


Candyland is a super popular strain among medical marijuana users because of its awesome pain-relief abilities. The strain is also known to provide a euphoric rush and a stimulant like high. This particular strain is known to be a hybrid (sativa-dominant) and shares genetics from both GDP and Bay Platinum Cookies. For those interested, a lot of people find that the Ultimate Trainwreck Cannabis strain is very similar to Candyland. Try it if you’re interested.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie, like Candyland, shares genetics from GDP. However, where they differ, is the lack of Bay Platinum Cookie genetics and the presence of Durban Poison genetics. Cherry Pie is incredibly popular because it smells and tastes amazing. Most people say it tastes exactly as actual cherry pie does, whereas others simply say it tastes like berries. Regardless of which path you venture through, Cherry Pie tastes brilliant. Do keep in mind that this strain is much stronger than Candyland.


Blueberry is an incredibly popular strain among Cannabis users and other strains alike. The genetics that this strain maintains has become the perfect backdrop for a variety of incredibly popular strains.

Blue Dream

As you may have guessed, the blue in Blue Dream comes from Blueberry! Dream on the other hand comes from the strain that intertwined its genetics with Blueberry. That strain is called Haze! Haze attributed the name Dream because Haze provides some wild euphoric and dreamy effects. Blue Dream is a favorite among both veteran and beginner users alike because it’s easy to smoke, yet still has fun effects.

Berry White

Berry White is an incredibly strong strain. One that shares genetics with both Blueberry and the blisteringly bright White Widow. Berry White is a favorite among those who suffer from depression, OCD, and anxiety because of its incredibly relaxing effects. Do keep in mind that these calming effects aren’t subtle. They’ll make you forget all about the anxiety and depression, but you’ll also forget you have arms. Or legs. They’ll basically make you so relaxed you won’t even know what’s going on.


Trainwreck is an incredibly strong strain. Not only will it lift you off your feet and throw you against a wall if you’re not careful, but its children will too!

Casey Jones

Casey Jones is named after an engineer who died in 1900 during a train wreck. This particular strain has genetics from Trainwreck, Thai, and East Coast Sour Diesel. Most people who smoke Casey Jones find that they’re immediately more creative. A lot of authors write interesting pieces while high on this, while artists paint beautiful yet odd pieces.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a strain that’s become super popular. Not only was it the focus of a Seth Rogan movie, but it actually has some pretty awesome effects. First of all, when smoking it, you’ll get a lot of hints of Trainwreck, as its genetics are largely based around its father. Since it also shares genetics with the Hawaiian Cannabis strain, you’ll notice an awesome euphoric feeling, with an energetic boost. You may also test tropical fruit like mango and pineapples.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC for short, has its genetics in so many strains nobody really knows what the total number is. People call this strain the Genghis Khan of strains.

Sunset Sherbert

Sunset Sherbert is one of the calmer siblings that has genetics based in GSC. Smoking this strain will give you a remarkable, yet calming high. You won’t be knocked off your feet, but instead, lulled into a trance. You’ll be so relaxed nothing will matter. But unlike other strains on this list that relax you, you’ll remember you have arms!

Moon Cookies

Moon Cookies has effects that are very similar to its sibling, Sunset Sherbert. A calming feeling that lulls you into a trance. However, if you’re not careful, you may become so calm you’ll forget you have limbs.

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