The GOAT argument continues to roll on. While it’s utterly pointless and subjective, there is still some fun to be had with it. Everybody is getting involved with the discussion. Most of them were reacting to Conor McGregor’s outlandish claims of being the greatest fighter in the history of the entire universe.

McGregor did give credit to Anderson Silva. He said that the Brazilian was probably the GOAT but that he was a close second or even or par with the former middleweight champion. Needless to say, the likes of Khabib Nurmagamedov, Nate Diaz, and Jon Jones slammed the Irishman for his words.

Now Silva has even come back and challenged ‘The Notorious’ to a fight. In short, he wants a catchweight clash against his fellow former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion.

Prize Fight GOAT

First of all, John Kavanagh came into the discussion. He made a strong case that McGregor is the greatest prizefighter in the history of MMA. To be fair he’s got a point. No other fighter has come close to making as much money as the Notorious because he is so popular. McGregor was quick to jump on board. He wrote:

“Don’t forget highest % ratio of KO’s, as well as fastest KO’s, both inside and outside the UFC. Also most titles won. Also most knockouts in most divisions. Also, I’m just the f**king GOAT.
Get over it baby, and get with it!
It’s good on this side!
Come chill with the Billi GOAT!”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Too Big

Furthermore, McGregor tore into his old featherweight division. Without a doubt, his best body of work was at 145lbs. He said that he almost wishes he stuck around to beat some of the current group like Brian Ortega, but that he’s just too big. He wrote:

“8ko’s and 10ko’s that’s the lol for me. Gets me giddy.
Switch the channel giddy.
A small part of me does wish I stayed around and fought Ortega and Fili and the gang though, imagine that damage! But you know yourself,
my balls were always just way too big for the baby jets.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Call Out

After all of this, Silva decided to jump on board. First of all, he said he wanted to fight McGregor at 176.37lbs. We’re not exactly sure why he chose this number, but we appreciate the idea. Of course, the chances of it happening are slim because Silva is just too big for him. He’s fought at light-heavyweight while McGregor is a former 145lber. In sum, we’re talking about a 60lb difference there. Silva tweeted:

“I have an immense admiration for the great athlete Conor and I believe that a super fight would be something historic for the sport, neither of us need to prove anything to anyone; i believe ufc and sport fans would like to see this great martial show, testing my martial skills with him would be fantastic!!” 

This isn’t the first time Silva called out McGregor. We appreciate the hustle as he approaches the end of the career but it’s highly unlikely.

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