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Jon Jones is in trouble again. The UFC light-heavyweight champion brings drama upon himself. Even his only loss in the octagon is a result of his own negligence. He was disqualified for an illegal move against Matt Hammill. Then, when you add in his drug test failures, a whole different picture of his career emerges.

But it’s his antics outside the cage that has everybody talking. This time police are investigating an aggravated DUI and negligent use of a firearm. While everybody was in self-isolation, Jones was partying with homeless people and firing his weapon in the air. Because of course, he was.

Now the big question is what will be the end result of his latest behavior? He’s facing 90 days behind bars for this but will it get that far? Attorneys believe that he’s facing the full force of the law.

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The biggest issue for Jones is that he already has a record. He infamously hit a pregnant woman while drink-driving in 2012. Luckily she made a full recovery but the court charged him and the UFC stripped him of his title. So far the UFC hasn’t released a statement but if he gets jail time, it’s highly likely he’d lose the belt again. MMA Fighting spoke to criminal defense attorney David Serna. He said that Jones’s priors could land him in deep water. Serna revealed:

“It allows the prosecutor to make a strong argument, look how many opportunities he’s had to modify his behavior, and look how every time he’s been given an opportunity, he thumbs his nose and does what he pleases. I would think that the judge would probably give the guy some time, because the judge would look at the prior history and see the guy has been given break after break and may say now’s the time you’re going to be held accountable.”

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Cut Him

Legendary MMA referee and current Bellator analyst ‘Big’ John McCarthy says that the UFC should cut Jones. He thinks that the New York native brings too much drama to the table. Furthermore, he also believes that he’s going to kill somebody one day. You might sneer this and say that any Bellator worker would agree, but McCarthy denies this.

“Oh, he’s going to go. On this, guaranteed he’s going to have time that he’s sitting in a cell,” McCarthy told Josh Thomson on their podcast. “When you do the fight game, you show how good you are. You are the yin and yang when it comes to your life and your fight ability. You are a world champion inside the cage. Outside the cage, you’re an absolute loser.”If I was in charge of the UFC, I would cut him. Not only would I take his title, I would cut him.”

“What he brings to the cage, in the end, is not going to be worth what he’s going to bring to you on the outside. Because put it this way, he’s been lucky because he hasn’t hurt somebody. And I don’t think Jon wants to hurt somebody. But he’s putting himself in positions of where he’s not in control of his faculties to the point where what happens if he hits somebody and they die?”

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Too Much

Another man who doesn’t have much time for Jones’s antics is Alexander Volkanovski. The UFC featherweight champion doesn’t believe that ‘Bones’ is the greatest fighter of all-time because of his failed drug tests. Also, his behavior outside of the cage is just too much for him to respect. Check out his damning remarks to MMA World.

“You can say he’s the greatest fighter of all time but he’s done some stupid sh*t, right?” Volkanovski said. “You could say that and you could almost get away with it. But then, see again, it’s hard for me to talk about it but at the same time then he’s obviously being caught with USADA and all things like that. Then you start taking all that into play, you know what I mean? That’s when you start being like, you know again I’ll stay out of all it, I’ll let people make their own judgment but enough’s enough with this sh*t.”


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