Best & Worst MMA Movies Ever Made 2015

By Salvador Sanchez
Best & Worst MMA Movies Ever Made 2015

Much like any other movie genre, there are MMA flicks that kick ass, and then there are the terrible mixed martial arts films. Check out which ones made the cut….

We all love a good trip to the movies, whether it’s with your girl on a Saturday night, or with your boys to watch the latest action flick, it’s good wholesome fun. The subject of today’s article is MMA based movies and in particular the comparison between the best and the worse.

With the genre only really kicking in around the year 2000, there’s been a whole bunch of experimental and often hilariously bad MMA films floating around. A few of the crop could be considered awesome movies about the sport, and a few have broken in to the mainstream audience, but they are as mentioned very few.

Often using fighters as lead characters to attract the MMA fan base, plenty of movies come to mind where name recognition was favored much more than actual ability to act. As a result, many MMA movies can be considered corny at best.

Quite frequently the movies that bridge the gap best are the ones with great directors and production teams, and well known actors that are actually willing or already do train in MMA.

We’ve compiled the best and worst MMA movies ever made, hope you enjoy!