This 8-Year-Old is Probably The Next Ronda Rousey

By Brian Page
This 8-Year-Old is Probably The Next Ronda Rousey

There’s no question that UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has had an amazing impact on MMA, and that includes inspiring an all-new generation of female fighters to attain skills that even perhaps she could not reach. One such athlete already looks amazing at only age 8…

It’s easy to see that Ronda Rousey has become MMA’s biggest crossover media star ever since debuting in the UFC as their first-ever women’s champion in February of 2013. Her star power was apparent at the time, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone saw the absolute blitz that was coming soon.

Rousey has starred in movies and countless commercials, written a book, appeared on a growing number of high-profile magazine covers, and firmly entrenched herself as one of the most prominent mainstays of American pop culture.

Those are heights never before reached by a UFC athlete, yet Rousey’s biggest area of impact could come in the form of her female-inspiring “girl power” attitude, which has given her a rare kind of star power unique to her alone. That will and already has resulted in some truly terrifying future stars of female MMA, and one of them looks ready to take on the world at only age 8. Read on to find out who she is…