Guess Who Just Filed For Bankruptcy

By Salvador Sanchez

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has had a crazy year, and it looks like there’s a big change coming…..

The most dominant champion in MMA today, Olympic bronze medallist in Judo, Ronda Rousey has carved her way through to the elite of the sport with a streak of beautiful violence, all starting back in 2011 with her pro debut.

In the time since, ‘Rowdy’ has captured the viewing public’s undying attention with a streak of 12 wins, all coming by way of submission or knockout. Her trademark armbar has proved impossible to escape from for 9 opponents and she’s knocked out 3.

Her most recent wins really focused the paying fan’s on Rousey’s never ending quest for greatness, as she’s dispatched of her last 5 opponents in under four minuted total time. That’s just insane.

As she is set to fight in Australia at UFC 193, against former boxing champion Holly Holm, rumours have started to spread about a move in to the squared circle for ‘Rowdy.’ These rumours were later confirmed by Oscar De La Hoya.

So with the most charismatic figure in women’s sports, the biggest name in MMA today and the biggest pay-per-view draw for the UFC clearly doing very well, what’s with all this talk of bankruptcy in her Glendale gym?

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