Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones may not have fought since January, but he is looking RIPPED, and that deadlift is insane!!!

It’s been a long and windy road for ex-UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, as he’s fought some serious adversity over the past 12 months. After failing an out-of-competition drug test for cocaine, things started to go downhill rapidly following UFC 182.

Defeating Daniel Cormier at the January 3rd event, many believed Jones’ 2015 would be filled with interesting fights such as the rematch with Alexander Gustafsson, but it wasn’t to be.

The sensational news that ‘Bones’ had been popped for cocaine was followed with a string of negative media, all coming to a head in April when Jones was involved in an early morning hit-and-run in New Mexico that left a pregnant woman with a broken arm, and Jones’ reputation in tatters.

Eventually Jones was let off with probation, but came very close to the proverbial fire. Lucky to escape jail time, the former champ was reinstated by the UFC and has reignited his rivalry with Daniel Cormier.

A lot needs to change for ‘Bones’ to once again cement his status at the top of the division, firstly he’ll have to dedicate himself to training without partying, see out his probation, and then the biggest task of defeating ‘DC’ t recapture the belt, although he has done that once before.

So how is ‘Bones’ looking in the gym? If the following video footage is anything to go by, the guy is looking like a straight up TANK!

Check it out…..

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