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Nick Diaz may be suspended for five years for smoking the ganja, but during his last fight he pulled off some truly insane antics against Anderson Silva at January’s UFC 183. His ‘bong bro’ and Octagon commentator Joe Rogan had a truly hilarious reaction when Diaz taunted ‘The Spider’….

For several years, popular UFC bad boy Nick Diaz has been entertaining fans with his anti-authority attitude inside and out of the cage. He recently made some big headlines when he was suspended for an alarming five years by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) for his third failed drug test for marijuana, but during the fight after which he failed the test, he pulled off some truly classic antics against a returning Anderson Silva.

Battling an opponent that had been out of action for the previous 13 months due to a gruesome leg break against Chris Weidman at UFC 168, Diaz actually laid down on the canvas in an attempt to fool Silva into playing his game.

The crowd loved it in one of the most anticipated bouts of they year, and they weren’t all that got a rise out of the polarizing and controversial Diaz’ unorthodox psychological warfare. When he broke his shocking plan, Octagon commentator and fellow marijuana backer Joe Rogan had quite the reaction to Diaz’ hilarious antics. Read on to see what it was…

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