WATCH: Cody Garbrandt’s Corner Melts Down After Savage KO Loss

By Dazzler

This Video is Both Hilarious and Agonizingly Painful… Cody Garbrandt’s Corner Reacted to his Decision to Throw Down Recklessly, Just Like You’d Expect… 

Cody Garbrandt’s whole world has collapsed. ‘No-Love’ went from being possibly being one of the most exciting fighters on the planet, and the UFC’s next big thing, to three straight knockout losses (1 via TKO and 2 via KO) to TJ Dillashaw and most recently Pedro Munhoz.

His star has well and truly been tarnished. The UFC went hard in their promotion of the former bantamweight champion, and it looked like a move that had paid off. Young, good-looking, distinctive and charismatic, with rare knockout power in the lower weight classes, he was another one of the ‘next Conor McGregor’s.’

Watch the footage below of the moment that Garbrandt’s corner realized that he’d thrown away their gameplan yet again, as he slugged it out with Munhoz and ultimately getting knocked out. You’ve got to feel for the guys.


Garbrandt famously trains out of Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California. His loyalty to his team is absolute and was the basis for his rivalry with TJ Dillashaw, who infamously jumped ship with his coach Duane Ludwig. However, whatever his coaches are telling him, it seems like ‘No-Love’ isn’t listening.

Their faces turn to disbelief and then sheer agony as they realize that once again he’s throwing caution to the wind, with his chin held up to the sky. You can see the second that Garbrandt gets knocked unconscious, just by how they turn away in horror. Even Bruce Buffer looks disgusted from his seat behind them.

Bad Coaching

The former head coach of the gym, Justin Buchholz, believes that Garbrandt’s dramatic fall is purely the result of poor coaching. While the gym is owned by UFC Hall-of-Famer and WEC champion Urijah Faber, they have had a series of head coaches. Duane Ludwig was the man in charge until he left with Dillashaw. Buchholz guided Garbrandt to a bantamweight title but was replaced by Danny Castillo and Chris Holdsworth. Buchholz told The TSN MMA Show:

“They make a situation that is kind of simple, way too simple. They’re like, ‘Oh, he decided to throw caution to the wind.’ Well where was that guy, where was the guy who threw caution to the wind, kill or be killed, I’m just gonna go run across the cage holding my right hand out with my hands down, where was that guy when he fought Dominick Cruz?

“. . . It’s not kill or be killed. It’s win this fight. Get the W. It just p***es me off when people say, ‘Oh he just got emotional. He just decided to do this.’ That’s all from training! That’s all from the camp. That’s all from the cues you receive from your coach.”


Garbrandt is known as a very emotional fighter, which was possibly made worse by the UFC’s decision to rematch him against Dillashaw and escalate their rivalry. He’s definitely capable of fighting in a calm and composed way. His demolition of Dominick Cruz was masterful.

Until he learns to get that back under control, he’s going to be in a dangerous situation. Something needs change, whether that be his coaching or how he approaches the psychological aspect of fighting. There are no easy fights in the UFC.