Daniel Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Max Holloway, Tyron Woodley, and Jon Jones know how to be the ultimate danger in the UFC octagon.

In MMA, two subjects enter a cage and measure their strength by using different martial arts. Judo, Olympic wrestling, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo, muay Thai or boxing are used. Each fighter takes those techniques that best suit his physiognomy and elaborates a particular recipe that allows him to survive (or not) inside the octagon.

In a certain sense, MMA fighters are to sport what fusion cuisine is to catering. They are artisans of fighting in globalization times: an ingredient from here and an ingredient from there spun in the best possible way. The result is a new martial art that is as incontestable as it is challenging. Getting to the top, i.e., to the UFC, requires skills and hard work (plus a certain amount of luck) bordering on human ability limits. In hand-to-hand combat, they are the most dangerous men in the world. This list of the five most hazardous MMA fighters was compiled by the writers who help write my essay for me. These writers are avid martial arts fans and attend MMA training in their spare time. And these fighters inspire them, both in sports and in life.

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier is a sociology graduate, relatively short, somewhat fleshy, with a generous character and a very well-furnished head. By his appearance, DC, as he is popularly known, no one would say that, to this day, he is the best fighter on the face of the earth. He is the heavyweight and light heavyweight champion, something no one has ever achieved before. Cormier comes from Olympic wrestling, a sport in which he finished fourth in the Athens Olympics, to which he adds devastating dirty boxing. He is a master at handling the distance, has endless cardio, and above all, his hand is heavy as if it were made of cement.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

This fighter of the Avar ethnic group, an inhabitant of the mountains of Dagestan, one of the republics of the Russian Federation, had to learn to fight before he could walk. He is the lightweight champion and comes from sambo, a contact sport developed in the former USSR. Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fighting style is a nightmare for his opponents in the octagon. This Russian knocks down his opponents and subjects them to a physical pressure that suffocates them. But it is that, also, while he has them on the ground, he hits them a thousand times. Khabib is undefeated in UFC, and it is said that he has never lost, not even in training. As he is known, ‘The Eagle’ is undoubtedly the opponent to beat for years to come.

Max Holloway

If Cormier and Nurmagomedov are specialists in takedowns and wrestling, Max Holloway is a specialist in striking. This Hawaiian of Samoan descent is the featherweight champion and is a machine gun with fists and legs. He is very tall for his weight, which allows him to catch his opponents with ease, but he also has a long-distance runner’s physical stamina. Max Holloway hits just as fast and hard in minute one as he does in minute 25, and he hits hard. At 26 years old, he has 13 consecutive victories: four years undefeated (since losing to Conor McGregor). He is the protagonist of one of the most epic moments of UFC when he challenged Ricardo Lamas to exchange punches without moving.

Tyron Woodley

This Missouri fighter is the UFC welterweight champion. He shares with Nurmagomedov and Cormier his love for wrestling, but it is his explosiveness if something differentiates him from them. Woodley goes from zero to one hundred in tenths of a second when no one expects it. Of all the great fighters is the least mediatic, perhaps because he disagrees with the direction of the championship, but at 36 years old, he gave a lesson to the great promise of UFC, Darren Till.

Jon Jones

It is impossible to talk about great fighters without talking about Jon Jones because he is the MMA fighter par excellence. He has right punches with his fists, elbows, knees, kicks, wrestling, and ground. He’s tall, athletic, with a bombproof chin. He proved that to both Cormier and Gustafsson. He is a talented athlete with a great work ethic that helps him in sports. Now, everything he’s good at inside the cage, he’s chaotic outside the cell. He’s had run-ins with hit-and-run traffic accidents and various substances, from cocaine to steroids. The latter led him to lose the light heavyweight title to Daniel Cormier. Despite knocking out his opponent, he tested positive in an anti-doping control.

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