PIC: Georges St. Pierre Steps Up Training Ahead of UFC Return

The Canadian All-Time Great Looks Set to Make His Second Octagon Comeback… He’s Already Stepped Up His Training…

Georges St. Pierre is one of the greatest fighters to ever step into the octagon. He set the record for most welterweight defenses in the UFC (12), while he came back after 4 years out to instantly take the middleweight crown from Michael Bisping.

Everything about GSP just screams ‘champion.’ He carries himself extremely well, with few controversies throughout his career and a very polite way of engaging with fans. Some people think he’s a bit bland and his style isn’t particularly entertaining. Maybe that’s why he’s so loved in Canada? Just kidding…

Anyway, it looks like he’ll be back this year, with December the expected month of his return. UFC President Dana White has said that he believes he’ll be ready for UFC 231 in Toronto. That fight would make sense. Let’s enjoy this legend while he’s still around.



GSP has one of the greatest records in the game. He has stated that every fight he has in the future has to enhance his legacy or he won’t be interested. That’s why most people believe that he will fight the winner of Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagamedov. The UFC is tentative about this and would like to see ‘Rush’ fight someone else first.

Anderson Silva has been mooted while fights against the Diaz brothers, Kevin Lee and Tyron Woodley have also been discussed. In the meantime, it remains uncertain who his next opponent will be. One thing is certain though: GSP wants to be a triple champion. His Instagram shows that he’s currently stepping up his training for whoever he fights next.



GSP has also been in Australia over the last couple of weeks. He’s been delivering motivational seminars on the mindset of an elite athlete. He opened up to ABC News about how important it is to accept your own fears. He said:

“Other people are afraid to admit they are afraid. That they don’t want to look like a coward and stuff like that. I’m saying it like it is. I’m trying to explain my feelings and my mindset as best as I can. Some people can relate to it and some people can’t.”

“In terms of when I say I don’t like fighting, I’m stressed because of the fear of failure.┬áSame┬áthing for someone who has to do a presentation or is a producer of the movie, I guess they would be afraid of the critic.”



It is very difficult to prepare for losing, especially when you’re at the top like GSP has been for so long. He mentioned how the pressure intensifies, especially when you’re a champion. Everyone thinks that you’re ‘the guy.’ He says:

“Every field of work has a stressful situation, has a fear of failure. If you really care about what you do, you want to be good at it and have a fear of failure. So that fear of failure, it’s a relation of a hate and love at the same time. Because I love my job, but I hate it in a certain way.”

As Conor McGregor’s head coach, John Kavanagh, says: “You win or you learn.” That’s one of the most important traits of an elite caliber fighter. That ability to come to terms with intense disappointment and the feeling of failure.

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