UFC Title Contender Darren Till Has Been Filmed Kicking a Drunk Adversary Outside a Liverpool Nightclub…

What a week Darren Till has had. The UFC welterweight title contender landed himself in hot water after comments that he made about his wife and daughter were seized upon by the media.

Now footage of the Liverpool native has gone viral after he was filmed kicking a man outside a nightclub in his home city. Till, who is very proud of where he comes from, is an avid fan of Liverpool FC. He was forced to leave the city and train in Brazil, after almost dying when he was stabbed.

Till is set to take on Tyron Woodley on September 8. He replaces former interim champion Colby Covington – I love writing that – and will headline UFC 228. ‘The Gorilla’ is being pushed by the UFC to be the next big star from the UK, effectively taking over the mantle left behind by Michael Bisping.


In the footage, as seen above, a man can be seen throwing a slap at the UFC fighter. Why would you do that? Till might be a very loud man – maybe even irritating for some – but he’s also capable of extreme violence.

Needless to say, he doesn’t take it well. After the ruckus dissipates, he goes over to the man and throws a sharp roundhouse that connects with the man’s stomach. The initial attacker clearly feels it and backs off. Till won’t mind this video going viral. He’s unlikely to face consequences, and any publicity for him is good publicity.

He almost died when he was stabbed in another nightclub brawl back in 2012. His lungs were punctured twice by the blade, missing his carotid artery by a millimeter. Had it been nicked, he would surely have died within minutes. He just can’t keep away from trouble.


Doesn’t Care

Till made headlines last week after making it very clear that all he cares about right now is the welterweight title. His comments were taken a bit too literally by a lot of media, as he got a bit overexcited and emphasized how much he wants the belt. He said:

“I’ve got a girlfriend who’s nearly seven months pregnant. I don’t really care. I’ve got a daughter in Brazil right now who I haven’t seen for one year. I don’t really care. I just care about legacy and greatness. That’s what I’m in this for.”

It’s worth mentioning that his girlfriend was actually sitting beside him laughing when he said this, so it’s really not that serious at all. When you have a big personality, sometimes your mouth runs away a bit too much. He has a picture of her tattoed on his body. He probably does care about her actually.


Title Shot

After Colby Covington made it clear that he wouldn’t be fit to fight until possibly November, the UFC said ‘right, enough is enough’ and handed the shot to Till. This was slightly controversial for a couple of reasons. The first is that it reveals how absolutely pointless and devoid of value interim titles are. Good luck finding a fighter who’ll fight for one now.

The second problem is that Till missed weight against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson in his last fight. Of course, this is the UFC and all morality goes out the window when money is involved, but should a fighter be rewarded for effectively cheating?

In an ideal world, any fighter who misses weight should not be allowed to fight a higher ranked opponent next time out. But we’re not in the world. We’re in one where Brock Lesnar gets to decide when he wants a title shot. Enjoy the circus folks.

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