The Mind of Tony Ferguson is a Strange Place… He Called Out Conor McGregor in a Bizarre Way on Twitter… Of Course ‘The Notorious’ Responded, But Not How He Might Have Expected…

They’re two of the best lightweight fighters in the world, and they both face uncertainty about their futures. That’s where the similarities between Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson end, but the latter is pushing for a fight with the most famous man in MMA.

‘El Cucuy’ is known for his unorthodox training methods and unusual fighting style. He’s currently riding the longest win streak in the lightweight division, stretching back an incredible eleven fights. A former interim champion, most people justifiably consider him to be the top contender right now at 155.

However, with the news that featherweight champion Max Holloway will step up to face Dustin Poirier for the interim lightweight title, Ferguson’s future is unclear. He’s looking to maintain momentum and called out Conor McGregor on Twitter. Check out the weird exchange between the two men below.


It is a truly weird message. Ferguson is a unique character, and you’ve got to give him credit for staying true to himself. However, it could be argued that maybe his personality has gone against him in his career because his quirkiness could be a hard sell to the casual fan who doesn’t know how deadly a fighter he truly is. Anyway, he tweeted:

“No Sauce Mcnuggets” @TheNotoriousMMA Just A Replica Of A Former Self He Used To Be. I’ve Got A Solid Right Hand To Test That Chin Of His. How Sweet It Is, -Tiramisu Tuesday.”

Somebody needs to teach ‘El Cucuy’ when to use Caps. It’s worth mentioning that Ferguson has blocked most of the UFC roster on the social media platform for no spoken reason.

Looking Forward

McGregor didn’t take the bait. He knows as well as anybody how to play the social media game, and rising to Ferguson’s challenge could have created a massive wave of momentum behind it. He’s well aware that he needs to win his next fight, and that’s why Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone is his favoured next opponent. There’s nobody in the division as unpredictably dangerous as Ferguson. At least with Khabib, you know what’s coming. Even if you can’t stop it.

‘The Notorious’ responded:

“If we have the ability to go back, Tony. Then we have the ability to go forward again! I wish you well and am praying for you as a fellow colleague. Respect to my Paradigm familia. Yours sincerely, Burger King.”

Tony Ferguson is a former UFC interim lightweight Champion. Mandatory credit: USA Today Sports.


Ferguson’s problem is that he’s not getting any younger. He’s just turned 35 and fought professionally for over ten years. While his chin has stood up to the test of time for now, he’s still very prone to getting hit. With Khabib vowing to sit out until October, it would likely be 2020 by the time he gets a title shot – if ever.

Meanwhile, McGregor knows he can cut the line again with a dominant performance against whoever he fights next. He remains one of the most lucrative athletes on the planet. The UFC is going to milk that cow for as long as possible.

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