Reports Are Indicating That Conor McGregor Will be Ready to Jump in Next Month if Something Happens to Either Khabib Nurmagamedov or Dustin Poirier Before UFC 242…

Khabib Nurmagamedov v Dustin Poirier has become highly anticipated. The pair are set to throw down in the main event of September’s UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi. It makes sense that Khabib’s headlining in the Gulf because he’s a massive draw in the Middle East as the first Muslim champion in the UFC.

It’s a clash between champion and interim champion, with two very different styles going head-to-head. Obviously – and justifiably – Khabib is the heavy favourite. But don’t count out Dustin Poirier just yet. The Diamond is a brilliant boxer and has looked excellent since his step up to 155lbs.

However, if something goes wrong, then there is somebody even bigger waiting in the wings. According to the Gulf News, Conor McGregor is on stand-by to fight if something happens to either of the booked competitors.

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The Gulf News has reported that McGregor will be ready to jump in as a super-sub for either Poirier or Khabib if somebody gets injured before the event. It’s the UFC so it definitely could happen – but we really hope it doesn’t. Also, spare a thought for Tony Ferguson who will be grinding his teeth when he sees these reports. The word came from Dana White who the Gulf News reported saying:

“I was just thinking out there, as of right now … Khabib and Poirier are fighting. You know how this business works: anything can happen and it usually does. So I think he’s just sort of waiting to see how it all plays out and does he have an opportunity somewhere to jump in and make something happen.”

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If you check out McGregor’s social media, he’s mostly been posting about his whiskey and his clothing line. The Irishman has been trying to promote his external businesses with reports that they are both doing well. However, in order to maximise his brand, it would make sense for him to fight again. If he’s champion, then the sales will soar. Also, the man is a fighter who loves to fight. His head coach John Kavanagh said:

“I think what has come back around is the love of the sport,” Kavanagh said. “He loves doing it, he loves training, and he loves competing.”

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We really hope though that nothing happens to either Poirier or Khabib. This year has been surprising in that very few main events have had to be changed around or rebooked. This promises to be a very good fight and Poirier is an intriguing opponent for the Russian champion. He’s arguably got the heaviest hands in the division right now and has very solid boxing.

Of course, Khabib could just take him down and batter him into oblivion like he’s done to everybody else. He’s really shown nothing that should make us doubt him, but ‘The Diamond’ will be determined to shine bright in his first title shot.

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